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Working First Time Mom
Hi! I am looking to find other mom's in the Abbeville and surrounding area ...
by Nicole on 07/29/2014- 0 answers
We are seeking fun, loving and caring families for our ACES international high school exchange students to live with.
Our ACES students, age 15-17, are due to arrive in August. They will stay ...
by Valerie on 07/29/2014- 0 answers
what to look for depression in my 8 yr old daughter
by jennifer on 07/27/2014- 0 answers
Hi is there any playgroup in the lake city, Seattle , WA area?
by Samira on 07/02/2014- 0 answers
How do I delete this account!!!!!!!!!!
This is NOT a good fit for me. HOW DO I DELETE THIS ACCT??? I couldnt find ...
by hatethi... on 06/18/2014- 0 answers
Hi I was wondering if there is a group for mothers who are dealing with thi...
by Faye on 05/09/2014- 0 answers
FREE Family Nerf War this Friday night!
Looking for a great place to have fun as a family this Friday, night? Join ...
by Jill on 04/29/2014- 0 answers
Homeschooling/Co-op/ALternative to Public School now in Paterson
Homeschooling can either be done individually (one on one) or cooperatively...
by A on 04/15/2014- 0 answers
Anyone looking for a great place for kids this Easter?
This Easter Sunday, April 20th join us for a great family time right after ...
by Jill on 04/15/2014- 0 answers
do alot of kids masturbate at school?ive talked to her doctor about this.
Weve told her its ok to do that in the privacy of her room,but she continue...
by janet on 04/06/2014- 0 answers
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Recent Answers
Looking for advice
Hi-I am having an issue with my 5 y/o son and I have run out of solutions. ...
by Bre on 02/26/2014- 4 answers
How could a new mom start a mom's group?
My daughter lives in a rural PA county. She has a 5 wk old her first, and i...
by Darlene on 08/02/2013- 3 answers
What is the best compliment your child pay you?
by Vero on 06/23/2013- 18 answers
They have no choice
As children they do not have the option to say "no I dont want to." If you ...
by Jenny on 01/20/2010- 2 answers
Does anyone need info on being healthier or safer in their home?
There is alot of information I can share that I found out recently and wish...
by Angela on 08/02/2013- 1 answers
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