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Help! Have a 19 month old boy, how do I keep him busy?

I have a 19 month old boy. I try to have a schedule with him to keep him busy, but seems repetitive. I am I teaching him enough? It's been so hot that we go to the park early then we're stuck inside all day. What does everyone else do to teach and entertain their toddlers??

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Written by Brandi
Posted on 09/29/2009
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Brandi, we should swap activities!! my little boy is 16 months old and is always FULL of energy!! we to go the park, play with bubbles, paint and draw pictures, play with guck (1 part water to two parts corn starch)...but I am also running out of things to do. it seems like activities are either too advanced for him or too boring...hard to find things in between. exercises and activities that help him to explore the world through his senses are I think the most important, until he can learn words and numbers.
posted by Melissa on 10/05/2009
My son and I go to the park, zoo, local malls, color, play with toys and when the weather is good we will walk a bike path, play in the water on our porch and explore new parks. I also try to make it to story time once a week at the library, as well as take him to playtime at gymboree. Most of these are free or low cost activities! I don't want him to be stuck indoors, but sometimes it's too hot here to do much of anything unless it is inside!
posted by Brandi on 10/19/2009
I currently have a 27 month old, but I remember when he was 16 months old. This is my 3rd boy and here are some activities we would do:
----puzzles (Melissa & Doug are good ones)
----Powerpoint programs (I would show him pictures with words of different subjects: planets, mammals, insects, etc.)
----rolling/forward flips on the carpet (it's great for balance and energy)
---dance to music (I want to teach him about classical music so I use different pieces--it's a great workout for me as well!)
---Play-doh (showing him to roll, smash and shape it)
---Books (he will sit with a stack from the library and just look through)
---blocks (help him build towers and knock them down)
---sensory lab (have rice, beans, sand paper, etc. in a small bowl and have him feel the contents. Explain the different textures. He learned by 18 months about smooth, rough, and prickly.

For hand dexterity, I used poker chips and slit an opening at the top of a margarine container (cleaned out of course) and had him slide them in---he would literally play with that for a good 20 minutes.

I've been teaching him to read words and numbers (quantity) since he was around 12 months with the Doman method.

I'll look through his baby book and find out what else. Hope this helps to get you started!
posted by Elvia on 10/21/2009
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