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About Us
This project was conceived, like many others no doubt, around a dinner table. The discussion was focusing on the difficulty in finding playdates where both the parent and the children enjoy themselves. One of the guests suggested to use one of these "online parent matching sites". He was serious and truly believed that such sites existed.
They did not... and that is how we decided to create My Playdate, which enventually evolved into Raising Them!
How does Raising Them work?
Once you've registered with Raising Them, you'll invite people you know to join your parenting network. Your friends will come to Raising Them and invite their friends. As your network grows, you'll have more opportunities to interact easily with everyone you know, make new acquaintances, and use the network's collective knowledge to enrich your life.
Social networks are the heart and soul of Raising Them; the larger they are, the more powerful they become. Best of all, everyone in your network has been invited, approved and recommended by someone else inside your social circle.
Who can use Raising Them?
Anyone who is caring for one or more children. If you are going to the local playground everyday and you are wishing that you knew another parent there to help you or that your child had a regular friends to play with, then this service is for you. Have you recently moved to a new city or a new neighborhood and are finding it difficult to meet other parents and/or kids? Are you looking for parenting advice or playgroups for your child? Does one of your children have special needs and do you want him or her to meet other kids with the same needs? There are countless reasons why you would benefit from using Raising Them.
Vero Alaimo
RaisingThem Co-Founder.
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