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My Polycystic Life!

   Location:  Big Spring, TX
   Membership:  Moderated
  Moderator: Lorie
  Category: moms groups, dads groups, parents groups, support groups, Big Spring, TX State, androgens, ovary, women
My Polycystic Life- Not to pretty after dealing with this for so long. See I was diagnosed with P.C.O.S in 1998 had a 12 cm cyst taken out in April of 1999. Then I just dealt with it the rest of the years that followed. My husband just does the same, deals with it. What else are u supposed to do when it seems there are no answers. MY body, attitude, lovelife, all have changed, I don't want to look this now or did I ever. But my health is at stake and I have my kids that need me. This disease is ugly it makes me gain lots of weight and grow hair like a man and causes me then to have to shave like a man. I have to b on anti-depressants because of the panic attacks, depression, other bad stuff that happens..

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