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Home Preschool Pals

   Location:  Hayward, CA
   Membership:  Private
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, support groups, Homeschool, Hayward, CA State, Playgroup, homeschool, playdates, moms, stay at home moms, parents, new parents, preschool, kindergarten,
A playgroup created with the home preschooled and kindergartner in mind. We are located in Hayward, Ca. Join us for creative fun and social activities based in and around Hayward. Be among like minded individuals who share the same interests and goals for our young ones. Home Preschooled Pals is a private group and all members must be approved before joining. Upon joining, we request that you fill out your profile completely and also include in your profile a photo of yourself, your child(ren). This is to ensure the safety of our children as we want to make sure you are who you say you are. Thank you for considering Home Preschooled Pals.

This group is private. To join this group you must be invited by one of its members.
For more information please contact .
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