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Musicians Wives/Girlfriends

   Location:  Online Group
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: Linda
  Category: moms groups, support groups, Clearwater, FL State, Women of Musicians
A group dedicated to the women behind musicians. The good and bad times. To discuss the stuff that television won't show-the struggle.

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  My son is beginning a career traveling the world as a musician
 It is hard to be happy for him since this is not the life I ...
01/18/2017 03:08 AM
by Linda
  Re: Struggling to stay confident
 Taylor, My situation is similar to yours in that my dreams i...
12/23/2013 03:22 PM
by Theresa
  Re: Struggling to stay confident
 Taylor,  I just wrote a lengthy and heartfelt reply that the...
12/22/2013 06:31 PM
by Susan
  Re: Struggling to stay confident
 I think if you really love him and you know he loves you the...
12/22/2013 03:51 PM
by Kayla
  Struggling to stay confident
 My boyfriend and I have been together 2 years now, and frien...
12/22/2013 02:29 PM
by Taylor
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Mother of 2
"Constantly traveling the world making music in a fast-paced ..."
Mother of 3
"I am the significant other of a musician looking for a way t..."
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How many of you have husbands that work solely as a musician, and how many have a full-time job during the day as well?
My husband/bf works ONLY as a musician
My husband/bf works a job in addition to being a musician
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