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Tattooed Mommies & Daddies

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  Category: playgroups, moms groups, dads groups, parents groups, support groups, hobby/clubs, online groups, tattoo, art, individualism
For the love of art and expression...welcome! I am a SAHM, for the time being. In the creation of this group my aspiration was directed towards bringing those together that share this common interest, as well as what we all with tattoos know as the "issues" that go hand in hand with having them. This is a place to share stories, our personal inks/art work that we are proud of & to give support to all with tats!

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  Re: I'm a new mom, tatooed and all....
 well I have a 9 month old and last september I got his name ...
03/14/2009 03:53 PM
  Re: I'm a new mom, tatooed and all....
 One would think that the stereotypes about tattoos would hav...
10/21/2008 09:28 AM
by Katie
  Sorry All
 Okay so it has been a LONG time but I have finally got all s...
09/26/2008 11:35 AM
  Re: I'm a new mom, tatooed and all....
 You know what, I go to a church where no one would even spea...
09/26/2008 11:31 AM
  Re: I'm a new mom, tatooed and all....
 Tell me about diaper money, fortunately we have a friend who...
09/25/2008 09:18 PM
by Amy
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