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Antelope Valley Parents

   Location:  Palmdale, CA
   Membership:  Moderated
  Moderator: Naomi
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Antelope Valley Parents is a group for all parents living in the Palmdale, Lancaster area and nearby. Are you looking for a local playgroup? Join Antelope Valley Parents and start meeting other parents who are raising their children in and around Palmdale and Lancaster. Use this group to attend events such as get togethers at the playground or a Moms Night Out, but also to exchange tips and recommendations about local schools, daycares, churches or kids activities. Join a community of local parents dedicated to supporting families in the Antelope Valley. Our meetings/events, at least at first,will be in public places for safety reasons. It will also be important for each member to be verified at each meeting. Ideas for meetings, activities etc. are welcome and encouraged, and WE ASK THAT IF YOU DO BECOME A MEMBER THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BEING INVOLVED, especially in attending play group events. Also, for the well being of all children involved, we ask that if your child is sick that you do not attend the event(s) until you child is well, for risk of spreading illness. As a parent I am sure you all understand and appreciate this request. RSVP's ARE ALSO IMPORTANT to obtain before each event. Please try as much as possible to know for sure whether you will or will not be able to attend, and keeping us updated on that status should it change is much appreciated. This helps tremendously in the planning and execution of all events. In conclusion, our main goal here is to pull together as parents, using our strengths and strengthening our weaknesses, all for the cause of building new relationships with other parents and helping our children learn how to build relationships and friendships.

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