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Free Thinking Mamas around St. Louis

   Location:  Saint Charles, MO
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: Jen
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, parents groups, support groups, Saint Charles, MO State, st. louis, unconventional, radical, breastfeeding, environment, nature, hippie, crunchy, intelligent, free, anti-mainstream
Group for you mamas who think outside of the box, question mainstream and popular philosophies about raising children, and do not blindly follow expert or authority advice regarding your children (nor do you choose to be radical or unconventional just for the sake of being different). Just a group of like-minded mommies trying to make sense of this world for our kids. Though we may think, live, or parent differently from the majority, we still need to understand that being a parent is challenging and we are ALL just trying to do what is best and right for our family. No parent is perfect.Intelligent and thought-provoking discussions are encouraged, but judging and bashing other's choices are not. Shared interests and common issues may include attachment parenting, breastfeeding, cosleeping, health and nutrition, living in harmony with nature and the evironment, homeschooling, cloth diapering, etc.

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  Re: Thanks for joining.......and sorry!
 yes, moving end of next month. i have a girl that is three. ...
11/28/2008 04:02 AM
by tracy
  Re: Thanks for joining.......and sorry!
 st charles is about 30 mins away from st louis, out 70 w or ...
11/22/2008 05:55 PM
by Nancy
  Re: Thanks for joining.......and sorry!
 That is true, huh? I just realized this group is from St. Ch...
11/22/2008 02:58 AM
by tracy
  Re: Thanks for joining.......and sorry!
 the owner (s) of this group are obviously not around anymore...
11/21/2008 05:55 PM
by Nancy
  Re: Thanks for joining.......and sorry!
 Can you also send me the link, I am moving to St. Louis from...
11/21/2008 02:21 PM
by tracy
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Mother of 2 from Ballwin, MO
"I'm new to this group and am really hoping to find other mom..."
Mother of 2 from Saint Charles, MO
"I have two kids a one year old and a newborn. ..."
Mother of 1 from Chesterfield, MO
"i am a single mother working and going to nursing school. I ..."
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