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Friends for Pre-K Kids & Mommy's Too!

   Location:  Charles Town, WV
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  Moderator: Courtney
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, support groups, Military, Charles Town, WV State, Charles Town, Pre-K, Friends, Playgroup, SAHM, Military, Air Force, Preschool
Hello! I am new to the area of Charles Town, a 39 yr.old SAHM, & a military wife. I would love to start a group for Pre-K age kids (4-5 yr olds?) and the moms too! My daughter LOVES playing with other kids and I thought this might be a nice way to get together & socialize outside of school hours..... SAHMs need friends too :-) My daughter will be attending school a few hours each afternoon and this leaves plenty of time for new friends! If anyone is interested PLEASE email me - Thanks!

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  Still interested in playdates?
 Hi, Just curious if you have been active with the children?...
08/08/2011 10:26 PM
by Luis
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Father of 1 from Charles Town, WV
"Networking to have children socialize...."
Mother of 1 from Charles Town, WV
"I am a SAHM, to our 4 year old daughter, and a military wife..."
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