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Parenting - the MOST InIfluential Position in America

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Sometime I think that whatever stage of life a Mom/Dad is in , there is the feeling that getting involved in politics either the last thing a parent thinks about or there is just no time. Well, Parents, we have the MOST IMPORTANT Job in the world being a parent and we are raising the next generation of leaders. As Christian men and women, if we don't get involved with politics our children will not have much of a future and who's fault will that be????? Ours. I will admit that I did terrible in my high school government class, trying to understand how our government works is like running around in circles to me. I have found that whenever I try to make any since of what is going on, I am more confused than before I attempted to become more educated. To me, politicians speaks a different language of which there is no interpreter to help me. The scary thing is that if we let politics intimidate us, better yet described as, letting the devil deceive us into thinking that we don't have time or we are not "smart" enough or there is nothing we can do to make a difference, the future of our children living in a free, God-founded country will be lost. I have discovered a Christian Talk Radio (my friends laugh when they hear me mention talk radio…… not me) station that has a two hour program in the afternoons or you can go to their web site and find all the information that is discussed about current topics. They bring the concerns of what is going on behind the backs of main street America, bring attention to issues that would shock you that you would never hear about it because the secular media will not report on it. In 4 weeks of listening to this show as I drive to pick my kids up from school, I have learned so much and my eyes have been opened to what is really going on. Below you will read what Point of View (name of Talk Radio Show) is all about. It is not geared toward the right or the left from a political standpoint, though it might seem like it is. It is based on facts and how the facts line up with the Bible. We have such a few short days left until the most important Presidential election of our time. It is time for Christians to make a difference. About POV Point of View is a two-hour, issues-oriented live talk radio program heard daily nationwide. Kerby Anderson and the Point of View team cover the full spectrum of issues and current events that affect our faith, family, government, education, and basic freedoms from a Christian perspective. Point of View’s loyal listening audience thrives on the daily interviews and interaction with informative guests including authors, politicians, opinion leaders, conservative activists, and subject matter experts. Christianity Today magazine called Point of View America's "most popular live Christian call-in show." After 35 years of being on the cutting edge of talk radio, Point of View has proven they are brave enough to take on the tough issues and experienced enough to handle them. Point of View Mission Statement   Mission Statement Our mission is to use the powerful tool of live, daily, national talk radio to defend a Biblical Christian worldview and to proclaim Christian solutions for the problems of America. Point of View aims to restore the greatness of Christian thought and values to every area of American Life.

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