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children of day care providers

   Location:  Cambridge, MN
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: melissa
  Category: moms groups, dads groups, parents groups, support groups, work from home, Cambridge, MN State, day care providers, all parents, children of all ages
Are you a day care provider with children? Do you have issues or concerns or just need someone in the similar situation to talk to?? Come join me!

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  Re: Hey Melissa.
 Hello. Im from CA. My hours are from 7am-6pm. I thought abou...
12/11/2008 06:34 PM
by Melanie
  Re: Hey Melissa.
 I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you...i have...
12/11/2008 12:07 PM
by melissa
  Re: Hey Melissa.
 oops....appreciate, friendly. Sometimes I type too fast :0)...
11/18/2008 11:58 AM
by Melanie
  Hey Melissa.
 I was wondering if you could offer some friendly advice? I n...
11/18/2008 11:49 AM
by Melanie
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Mother of 2 from Stockton, CA
"I am a very involved mother of two. I stay home with my chil..."
Mother of 1 from Cambridge, MN
"I am almost 28 years old, been married for 5 years and I hav..."
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