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Charlesbourg Parents

   Location:  Charlesbourg, Quebec
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: Kathy
  Category: Charlesbourg, QC Province, parents groups, support groups, moms groups, dads groups, playgroups, Charlesbourg parents, Charlesbourg moms, Charlesbourg dads, Charlesbourg playgroups, Charlesbourg schools, Charlesbourg daycare, raising kids in Charlesbourg, kids activities in Charlesbourg
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Charlesbourg Parents is group for all parents living in Charlesbourg, QC. Are you looking for a moms group? a dads group? or a local playgroup? Join Charlesbourg Parents and start meeting other parents who are raising their children in and around Charlesbourg. Use this group to schedule events such as get togethers at the playgroud or a Moms Night Out, but also to exchange tips and recommendations about local schools, daycares or kids activities. Join a community of local parents dedicated to supporting families in Charlesbourg, Quebec.

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