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Happy Moms & Families

   Location:  Littleton, CO
   Membership:  Moderated
  Moderator: Kerry
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, parents groups, support groups, Families, Littleton, CO State, Moms, 2's and up, Babies n Tots, Kids, Playgroup, Families, Preschoolers, Celiac, Gluten Free, Attachment Parents, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Parker, Castle Rock, Littleton, All Faith, Multi Cultured
We love our kids and husbands more then anything in the world. We value relationships more then money and tangibles. This is where wonderful memories for Moms, Kids and Families are built here amongst each other and the outings and events :) Dad's can have Dad friendly events so that our husbands can get involved with each other and make friends too. We enjoy finding great deals and passing on the information to each other. It truely is a great group of people with fantastic ideas and fun times to share. This is a safe place where we accept each other and ourselves as is; without always feeling the need to be fancy . It is the most sincere group of friends that have the best intentions for all. We do our best not to look down on anyone and understand the importance of promoting friendship for all. We do not delight or participate in talking bad about anyone else. We simply just want to add and create good memories for our families and others with out spending much if any $ We understand that happiness is attainable for all :) as is friendship:) All members desire to contribute by hosting a meetup once a month and attending one meetup. This is a low pressure group with Common Sense Guidlines of Courtesy & Respect onto each other. No False Kindness - We like each other and ourselves well enough that we can be straight forward with honesty onto ourselves & each other. Phone numbers and addresses are required of all members upon entry to the group. This is to secure safety of all. Never will your private information be given out without your knowledge or permission. Only those that supply a contact phone # will be contacted & then added to the group after the first meet-up; that is to ensure safety for all members.

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