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professional mothers of brandon fl

   Location:  Valrico, FL
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: hope
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, parents groups, support groups, Valrico, FL State, education, infant, toddler, learning, fun, playgroups, reading, moms, stimulate, teaching, play, stay at home mom, children, kids, geniuses, mothers
This group is for mothers who take being a mom just as serious as a lawyer or doctor would take his/her career. Being a stay at home mom is not an easy job by far, but it is one of the most rewarding ones.I know the pressures of society and the way you would like to raise your children do not fit in the same basket. That is why im making this group, so mothers who want to do the very best for there kids but dont have the support system or resources, can come together and influence each other to make the right chooses for there little ones and not settle for what society has to offer. In my opinion thats not a whole lot. ALL babies are geniuses who just need the right stimulation. If you have ever asked yourself " am i doing everything I can to help my child reach his/her highest potential" (as I have) and the answer is no, then this group is for you. We can make that diffrence.

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