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Naugatuck cool moms playgroup/group

   Location:  Naugatuck, CT
   Membership:  Public
  Moderator: Suzanne
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, Naugatuck, CT State, Naugatuck, moms, playgroup
Are you sick of all these complicated moms groups that have you driving all over Ct for an activity? Do you just want to meet a few cool moms that live nearby, have a child your child can play with and maybe a friend for you too? I'm looking for some moms to hang out with. My son is almost 2 and I am almost 40! We live in Naugatuck over by Walmart. I'm originally from Queens N.Y. and have had a hard time meeting friends for my son and myself. I've tried joining some other groups but it never seems to work out.They either meet while my son is napping or want to drive an hour to go somewhere. I'm not putting my son in the car for an hour when he only has the attention span to be there for an hour just to get back in the car again. Everyone seems to know everyone already and when you go to a park ,moms don't even say hello. Anyone want to join a really laid back group? Just meet at nearby parks or my house and possibly have a moms night where we can have a few drinks with the other moms every so often? I'm not promising anything great- I'm home with my son all day and would love to just call some friends in the morning and say "hey, nice day-want to go to the park" or we can plan something ahead of time together. You won't get a monthly calender all filled in with activities-sorry, I'm just not that organized.And there will be no fee to join and would never expect you to have 10 kids at your house and feed them all, I believe we can all take care of our own kids. We all bring a sandwich and snack for our own kids then no one has to have the financial burden of feeding us all. But you will get a friend, another mom who will be there if you're going nuts and just want to talk or you really need to get out of the house. It's for moms as much as for the kids. When we're happy and supported we do a better job as a mom. Feel free to email me with questions. Hopefully we can plan something soon.

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Mother of 1 from Naugatuck, CT
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