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Moms of toddlers and babies

   Location:  Phoenix, AZ
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  Moderator: Jessica
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, Phoenix, AZ State, moms, toddlers, babies
I have a 2 and a half year old and a six month old. I would like I group for people of 1-3 kids in this age range. I hope we can meet at the park and other local attractions. I would love to make some friends and help my children be more social.

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  would like to find a toddler group
 I am not sure how long ago this group was made but I am look...
06/22/2009 04:01 PM
by stacy
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Mother of 2 from Mesa, AZ
Mother of 1 from Phoenix, AZ
"I am a mostly stay at home mom of a toddler with one on the ..."
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