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The Real Women Diva

   Location:  New York, NY
   Membership:  Moderated
  Moderator: Extravagant_Diva
  Category: playgroups, moms groups, parents groups, support groups, hobby/clubs, Mommy And Me Group, New York, NY State, mommy and me, parent group, mom, moms, playgroup, playdates, moms night out, moms night in, moms group, mom club, mom circle, children, kids play, kids attraction, moms yahoo, yahoo group, parenting, yahoo mom groups, moms socialnetwork, moms social networking, ladies night out, women travel, girls night out, girlfriend getaway, girlfriend get together, women connection, amazon
My name is Connie, the CEO/Group Coordinator of Girlfriends, Will the Real Women Please Stand Up! the Real Women Divas. I am contacting you to invite you to join my group, created for all stay-at-home and working moms who hosts many events, activities, workshops, play groups, field trips and more for moms to connect with moms and moms connect with their children and children with other children bonding and growing into becoming friends. Moms ages 18 60, of any nationality, profession or non-profession, of any marital status and for children 0 8 years old (activities, events and workshops provided throughout the year) and for 0 14 throughout the summer (some events may occur for this age range other seasons as well. Children activities and workshops will depend on their ranges of their ages and will be divided into groups on various dates. Most events will take place in New York City and Hoboken, NJ; others will be hosted in Brooklyn, Queens unless an event is assigned for field trips. Im also welcome members that would like to assist and participate in this group as coordinator of different styles and more to help this group grow and become very successful. Without our members, such as yourself, there would be no Us (Real Women Diva). Your support will greatly be appreciated. To learn more about this fabulous group, please visit my website by contacting me for the url address and you can also contact me for additional information to be submitted to you at my earliest convenience. Events and meetings will be posted shortly, potential members will be asked to complete a membership registration and once our membership profile is completed on our website members will be required to complete the profile and upload a genuine photo of you... I encourage you to log onto my website and join my newsletter mailing list for updates, coupons, discounts, door prize, gift certificates, complimentary drinks or appetizers, mom discussions that will be welcome to our members..

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