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Cutting i teeth?
My baby is 9 months old, and has her bottom two teeth completely through and her top two are about half way out, and for the last few days she has been drooling excessivly, and has been very very crabby. Last night she wouldn't sleep more than 15-20 minutes at a time. She'd wake up crying and then about 20 min later she'd go back to sleep, only to sleep 15-20 minutes. I gave her motrin, and teething tablets. The teething tablets usually work just fine and she will go back to sleep for the rest of the night. Not so last night, finally at 3 am i went to walgreens and got orajel, that finally worked and she slept for about 4 hours. She's never had this much pain with her other 4 teeth, could she be getting her I teeth? I thought they didn't get those until after a year? I've been told that cutting i teeth is very painful, and this is what it's seeming like to me. Anyone have any other tips to help with the pain?
Posted by Amanda on 12/17/2007 02:04 PM

I don't think the i teeth come in until later too, but you never know. I notice that when my daughters top teeth come in it is much worse then the bottom. Most recent for us has been her first molars. I keep the orajel on hand just in case. I use the kind that looks like a Q-Tip, it's easier to put right on the tooth. I often wonder if the top teeth might affect her sinuses too, since she always gets congested right before they break the gum. Hang in there and give her stuff to chew on.
posted by on 12/17/2007 02:44 PM

she may be trying to cut her molars but I still think she may even be a little young for that. Sarah cut her bottom two teeth. than about 4 months later her top 4 than cut her 4 molarsat about 15 months now she is almost 2 and just cut eye teeth. I dont want to scare you but whenSarah had her only ear infection so far, she couldnt sleep and it was because the pressure hurt her so bad.
posted by Natasha on 12/17/2007 04:54 PM

I know this isn't an ear infection, katie has had 3 already. I had horrible ear infections when i was younger, the ped says it runs in the family. I had her checked just ot make sure it wasn't her ears agian. I'm positive it's teeth i just don't know which ones, she won't let me look in her mouth
posted by Amanda on 12/17/2007 06:57 PM

baby orajiel
posted by felecia on 12/18/2007 01:04 AM

or clod teething ring my daughter is 51/2 months and cutting teeth and we use that stuff
posted by felecia on 12/18/2007 01:05 AM

If u think it's the teething, there is a clear liquid that I used ( I am hispanic) called "Cordial de Monel" that works wonders...I used it at night when I knew he couldn't sleep due to the gums 'cause it's for the teeth so they can sleep better. You can use it on babies older than 3 months, the instructions are on the glass bottle. If u live near a carribbean grocery store or supermarket, you will be able to find it, it is made from anise oil. Also, try putting cold towels on her gums, hope it helps.
posted by Daisy on 12/18/2007 05:11 PM

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