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Mother of 1 from Jackson, MI , 36 years old
Children:   Isabelle (girl, 9 years old)
Interests:   I love going to the movies (never get to anymore though with a baby) tv, black and white photography, crime stories, ghost stories, shopping, traveling, old buildings and houses..and of course home renovation shows!
About Me
I am pretty outgoing, nice, considerate. My big thing is I always imagine myself in other people's shoes. That is how I prevent myself from being harsh and judgmental of others. I think more people should do so. I am a big animal lover..DOGS. I have a beautiful little girl. She was born April 17,2007. Her name is Issie. I have a great husband that is very supportive, loving, and an awesome daddy! I also have two cute stepchildren. 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl. They love their little sister and she LOVES them! I am not from here. I am from the Detroit area. I grew up downriver but moved to the Livonia/Westland/Dearborn area when I was 21 and that became my home. When I feel homesick, I am missing Dearborn and that area. I moved to Jackson for love. My husband is from here. We met online! I had never even been here until our first date! I certainly miss a lot of things from home. Certain stores, restaurants, and of course some friends. I would really like to find some friends out here. I have found a friend in my sister-in-law, and in my personal trainer. I guess I am looking for the type of friendships that I have had in the past. Someone hang out with, do things with (even if I have Issie with me) and someone to confide in. I enjoy laughing and joking around, and honestly haven't had a friend to do that with since I left my friends behind in the Detroit area. They work and have husbands or fiances, and then being 75 miles away...well you get the picture. The first two years after I moved here, I continued hanging out with them and going to the club dancing and Mary Kay parties, ect....But you get the picture. I don't like the whole club thing anymore, and going out there in an evening (when they all get together) and staying the night in a hotel isn't such a good idea when I have my husband and baby at home. I need to find some girlfriends to get together during the day and here in town! I want to get out more and do more things with my daughter.
About My Family
Steve (my husband) is like a computer genius. Very hard worker, laid back, great father, great husband. Very supportive, sweet, and really my best friend. I can't imagine ever finding a better man. Tyler, my 11 year old stepson, is very smart as well. He takes after his father in so many ways. Basically Ty is like Steve's Mini-Me! He loves his video games, football, and of course the girls! Emily is my 9 year old stepdaughter who up until recently has been quite the tomboy. She used to always be the brute running around getting dirty with the boys, but luckily she is growing out of that and becoming very girly! She is starting to take interest in hair stuff, some makeup, bubble baths, perfumes...all that fun girly stuff. She also loves to play with her little sister and is very good with her. Issie absolutely loves her! She is very helpful when I need to get something done but Issie won't let me put her down to do it. I can call Em in and have her play with her and "babysit" so that I can take a shower or clean the kitchen. Issie is very self reliant for her age. When she falls, we don't flinch and she will look at us and just get right back up again. She is very smart, very strong, loves to climb, and get into things. She loves ELMO,backyardigans, and Dora. We have two dogs and one of them really loves her a lot and she loves him. She is very interested in our laptops, phones, I-Pods,...really anything we don't want her playing with. We used to let her play with the laptop (my husband thought it was adorable!) but then she started popping keys off! So we don't let her do that anymore. As for the phone thing, my mother loves her so much that she pays an extra $8 a month on her bill for the insurance plan for her phone so that my daughter can play with it, slobber on it, drop it and so on. My Issie is on the smaller side. She is a year and a half and is just now starting to fit into 12 months.She now loves the water! splashing, even dunking her face into the water! Now we even catch her playing in the dogs water bowl if we aren't watching!
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Jackson County Mommy and Me Group
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