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Mother of 3
Children:   Randy (boy, 17 years old)
    Audrey (girl, 17 years old)
    Leo (boy, 17 years old)
Interests:   writing, quilting, cooking, movies.
About Me
I am looking for a few outlets to write, also a way to connect with others who are home or parenting. I am newly starting all over again parenting and I get restless at home.
About My Family
Ed compliments me well, he is very grounded whereas I tend to reach a little farther and sometimes my ideas outpace my abilities or availability. I have two beautiful kids from my first marriage who Ive mainly raised on my own. Their names are Randy (13) and Audrey (11)Then Ed and I have just had Leo, who is 3 mos old. I am home again and Eda nd I are both teachers in Philadelphia. Although I have just taken a pt job working from home, but it won't start for a few mos.
My Friends
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