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Mother of 1 from Bloomingburg, NY , 42 years old
Children:   Chris Brenner (, 16 years old)
Interests:   My hobbies are my #1 son, the knitting, or arts and crafts, and humming, and watching LMN, or lifetimg, or watching our many cats and dog.
About Me
Well first and foremost, I am a 24-7 single stay at home mom, who happens to be Bipolar among other illnesses, real ones, with a vry hyper ADHD 9yr old son, living under the same roof of a very grumpy negative hypocritical insecure impatient lazyish procrastinating 51 yr old a crazy nut shell. phew, thats alot. But I have a good heart, and know how to laugh and be in a good mood and have a decent personality when with the right person not the wrong one. I just landed in NY and unfort., wrong place wrong time when I stumbled upon old fart....hey its a ROOF plain and simple. I am like Rosanne barr incarnate. Hope everyone had a Hapy Easter and a good week. talk to u later. share with me i am a good listener. Amy p.s. i have no friends in this state, i am isolated in this trailer trash park, and this old fartdoest care. At least my one and only love of my life, my son, has friends.
About My Family
My almost 10 year old son is a great little housekeepers helper since the man we live with, our old roomy, doesnt do a heck of alot, so my son has to pick up the slack with mommy. He like Bakugan, Beyblading, and into b.b.guns, this never know with kids, esp. with ADHD kids. He has a great energy personality though, which our roomy can't handle and sometimes I can't either....however he is getting FIXED real soon,...THANK GOD! he is getting on medicine. Thank you . I have no "other" even though my roomy wants to be more, and he was in the past, but we left him, and I made him sign a contract before we officially moved back about staying just friends and go from there. I still go on singles sites, so there.:) Technically I had 4 live births, but 2, which are my sons brothers, all big boys, are living with nana and papa, from the get go, and one I had to give up for adoption because I had my hands full with my son now, Chris...It was the best thing to do for him, the most unselfish thing I could do...didnt have the money too. Oh my son doesn't like brocoli much, but likes all other veges, and fruits. He is quite smart. likes to read since 3 yrs old, and doesnt like sports much...I was a tom-boy. funny aint it.
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Mommy's son is having a big double digit b-day party on JUNE 19th for just kids, then a party for everyone on the real day of JUNE 22nd with tons of balloons, the the last big party for just our little extended Brenners on JUNE 25th. So if you are i... read
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