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Mother of 1 from Gladewater, TX
Children:   Ava (girl, 12 years old)
Interests:   music, eating out, FB, going to church, Girl Scouts with my daughter, jumping on trampolines, rollerskating, swimming, movies, I love kitties, shopping, dreaming of buying antiques, Pinterest, Just Dance games and the old school games on Nintendo!
About Me
I am a free spirited Christian conservative. Jesus is a basis for all decisions which I make in my life, except when selfish emotions get the best of me, of course! I love children, music, sleep, and making people laugh and I try to be the best Mother that I can be. I am 30. My wonderful Husband, Phillip and I are newlyweds, and he is the love of my life! Ava Margaret is my beautiful nearly 8 year old daughter. She's a character, and such a wonderful person to have around! I am homeschooling Ava this year. This is the first year for the both of us! It's been quite an adventure!
About My Family
My daughter will be 8 in the spring. She is an only child (but we've been trying for more!). She's very warm hearted and caring. She cries at the SPCA commercials. She dreams of being a veterenarian when she grows up. She is quiet and shy with new people, but then will talk (or scream) too much and too loud. She has a lot of energy and loves swimming, gymnastics, and Girl Scouts. She doesn't like being told what to do.. Oh and she loves Justin Bieber! My Husband, Phillip is wonderful. We've been together for 10 years, married only for 5 months. He works in the oil industry, but also works in fab shops and other industrial-type sites, doing inspections. He works very hard doing dangerous work so that I can stay home with our Daughter. He's funny and very passionate about politics too!
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