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Latest Kids Activities

Making Candles
Making candles is a fun way to spend some time with the kids. Alls you need is wax (any arts and crafts store) ac moore or michaels, crayons, jars(empty pickle jars works best i think) , or quacker oats oatmeal can if u wanna make a free standing ca...
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Pudding Painting
My son is still placing everything in his mouth and I wanted a fun activity for him to sit and do and still be safe so we made chocolete instant pudding (you can use any flavor) and then taped a piece of construction paper to his highchair. You just ...
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Family Scavenger Hunt
Family Scavenger Hunt Directions The idea of a scavenger hunt is to find all the items on a list and return them to a designated place as quickly as possible. There are many ways to organize a hunt and many choices to make. You can play as indiv...
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Playing Hide And Seek
We play hide n seek in the apartment. He loves it. We sometimes also involve stuff animals to go along with the game. ...
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Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk Chalk 1 c. plaster of paris 1/2 c. water 2-3 T. tempera paint Mix plaster of paris and tempera paint, then add water and mix well. Pour into molds and let dry for 24 hours. Remove from mold and let air dry for 2-7 days depending on ...
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