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Latest Kids Activities

Play Safari Expedition
Construct a pair of pretend binoculars from 2 toilet paper tubes. You can decorate with markers or stickers. Use pictures of animals from magazines or the computer to hang around the house. Your child uses the binoculars to spot all the animals on...
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Fancy Snowballs Ornaments
Materials Foam ball Blue and white tissue paper Silver glitter glue/paint brush box Ornament hook Shread the tissue paper up into small pieces, you can have the child do this if he/she is able to. Poor glue onto a plate and have the chi...
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Liar Liar
Material needed: a card deck. 1. Put on the table one card and give six cards to each player (at least two needed for this game). 2. Each player will put a card with matching color (ex: diamond) on the table face down so the other players cann...
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Elementary kids' coloring sheet that is fun!...
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Tie Dye Coffee Filters
Large Coffee Filters A cup of water Magic Markers You have the children fold the coffee filters into small triangles. Then you dip the tips of the filters into the water and hold up side down still folded until the water has absorbed to the top...
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