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Latest Kids Activities

Elementary kids' coloring sheet that is fun!...
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Seek and Find
My four year old loves this seek and find game, with it's colorful and fun backgrounds (circus, toy shop). It keeps him busy learning while having fun. ...
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Playing tent
we create a tent using things around the house and we create different ways to play in the tent wether it is using the flash light, or even playing with toys, just use your imagination...
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No-Mess Finger Painting
Take two sheets of Wax paper, put one down on the table, place a sheet of construction or art paper on top, splash several spots of non-toxic finger paint on the paper, place the second sheet of wax paper on top. Encourange baby to pat the paper wit...
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Liar Liar
Material needed: a card deck. 1. Put on the table one card and give six cards to each player (at least two needed for this game). 2. Each player will put a card with matching color (ex: diamond) on the table face down so the other players cann...
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