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Latest Kids Activities

Family Scavenger Hunt
Family Scavenger Hunt Directions The idea of a scavenger hunt is to find all the items on a list and return them to a designated place as quickly as possible. There are many ways to organize a hunt and many choices to make. You can play as indiv...
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Pudding Painting
My son is still placing everything in his mouth and I wanted a fun activity for him to sit and do and still be safe so we made chocolete instant pudding (you can use any flavor) and then taped a piece of construction paper to his highchair. You just ...
Home - 2 comments
Match the Color
Material needed: a dice, 6 Playdoh of different colors. 1. Stick a piece of Playdoh on a side of the dice, choosing different colos. 2. Throw the dice and watch what color comes on top. 3. Ask the child to point to an object with a matching ...
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Playing tent
we create a tent using things around the house and we create different ways to play in the tent wether it is using the flash light, or even playing with toys, just use your imagination...
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Acorn Painitng
Materials: Tempra Paint Acorns/pine cones Shoe box or rectangle container Construction paper Have your child go out and search for a few acorns and pine cones. Then place a piece of pape...
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