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Latest Kids Activities

Red Light, Green Light
The suspense of Red light, Green Light has made it a favorite for years. It 's best to play this game outdoors in an open area, but it's possible to play indoors-if you have lots of space! Object: To be the first one to tag the Police Offic...
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Play Safari Expedition
Construct a pair of pretend binoculars from 2 toilet paper tubes. You can decorate with markers or stickers. Use pictures of animals from magazines or the computer to hang around the house. Your child uses the binoculars to spot all the animals on...
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Material Needed: paper and crayons 1 .Give to each kid one sheet of paper and crayons. 2. Assignto each kid a different body part from the monster: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, body, head. 3 .Each will only draw the body part a...
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Potato Stamps
Material needed: Potato, painting tubes of different colors, drawing paper, paper plate 1. Peel some potatoes and cut them into different geometrical shapes (round, square, triangle). 2. Spread some painting on a paper plate or cardboard. 3....
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Pine Cone Ornament
Take your children out to find the best pinecone.Usually right after the leaves turn and fall.Then go to your local lil store and buy a container or bag of the see thru colored plastic beads fr a dollar.They come in like 200- 500 beads.Get a piece of...
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