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Making Candles
Making candles is a fun way to spend some time with the kids. Alls you need is wax (any arts and crafts store) ac moore or michaels, crayons, jars(empty pickle jars works best i think) , or quacker oats oatmeal can if u wanna make a free standing ca...
Tie Dye Coffee Filters
Large Coffee Filters A cup of water Magic Markers You have the children fold the coffee filters into small triangles. Then you dip the tips of the filters into the water and hold up side down still folded until the water has absorbed to the top...
Coloring Easter Eggs with Markers
Instead of trying to mess with egg dyes, or paint to get colorful eggs, try washable markers. This is great for toddlers, and preschoolers, whose motor skills are still a little undeveloped. Plus, it is easy to cleanup off of the children and t...
Potato Stamps
Material needed: Potato, painting tubes of different colors, drawing paper, paper plate 1. Peel some potatoes and cut them into different geometrical shapes (round, square, triangle). 2. Spread some painting on a paper plate or cardboard. 3....
Pinecone People
Get ready to explore. Your senses are about to be awakened. Test your sense of sight by selecting the prettiest pinecone and stones you can find. Pick one that feels nice to touch, isn't too soggy and doesn't bend over too much. You are about to...
Snow Globe
Materials: Spray Paint Clean baby food jar Floral Clay Glitter Foil Figurines Instructions Spray paint baby bood jar lids. Used a little floral clay inside lids and spreading it around inside the rim. Sprinkle some glitter and some...
Painted Glass
What you need: Mixing bowls (depending on the number of colors used) Clean paint brushes A wet cloth (for those little mistakes) Newspaper Ingredients: Powdered poster paint in assorted colors liquid dishwashing soap Warnings: Use paint...
Feet Butterflies
Have children take off shoes, dip feet into shallow pan of pastel paint.Step onto a piece of paper so feet are going outward from the heels together. When dry, add antennae with markers. ...
Make your own boat
Materials: Egg carton Lid, Foil, A straw, Paper, Plasticine. Instructions: Cover carton lid with foil. Stick the straw into Plasticine and press into middle of carton. Make two holes in paper and thread on to the straw for a sail. ...
Playing With Rocks
The best thing about painting rocks may be that there's nothing to it. All you need is a pocketful of stones, some paint, and a little imagination, and in no time you will have a stone family and an entourage of stony-faced creatures. First, send...
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