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Making a simple family tree
The first step to creating a family tree is research. Create a form to list information you’d like to know such as: A person’s full name – include any misspellings or interpretations that may have happened if the individual traveled from another ...
Cupcakes with kids
Makes 24 cupcakes Ingredients 1 (18.25 oz) box cake mix or 1 recipe for 2 (8-inch) round layer cakes 1 (16-oz) can frosting or 2 cups of your favorite frosting 2 (14-oz) bags white melting candies black food color red food col...
Simplest kite
Material list: 20 sheets of brightly colored 8 1/2" x 11" multipurpose printing paper. 20Lb. Bond is good. 20 8" bamboo bar-b-que shishkabab sticks. 1 roll of florescent surveyor's flagging plastic tape. Available at any hardware ...
Gardening with kids
Getting started: • Give your child some space; literally! Kids loving having spaces that are all their own, whether it`s their own desk area in the house, or the tent they`ve created with chairs and blankets in the family room. The same is true for ...
Many variations of the Tag game
Different ways of playing tags: 1. Frozen Tag - if you're tagged by 'it' you freeze until you are rescued. Use your creativity for rescuing techniques: you have to limbo under an arm; the frozen person makes a shape that you have to go through or ...
Treasure Hunt
Here is what you will need: Small plastic gold coins, inexpensive beaded necklaces, small rings, play money, and a treasure box decorated by the children. A map made by you for the children to follow. Inexpensive treasures that can be found in any...
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