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Magic Leaf Drawing
Suitable for: 4 to 6 years old
Takes place: At Home
Keywords: crafts, drawing, fall, toddlers, preschoolers
This is an easy way to make an image of a leaf, using a real leaf, a piece of paper and a crayon (or crayons).
Find a nice leaf.
Put it on a flat surface, like a desk or counter-top.
Cover the leaf with a piece of paper.
Crayon on the paper over the leaf.
Magically, a leaf image will appear.
I am huge into fall decor and at the stores it's so expensive. This activity is wonderful because you can teach your kids about nature (use leaves from different trees), involve the kids in a project that's simple, fun and not messy as well as decorate your home for free!
I do have to ask, has anyone ever to tried to "gold-leaf" it in anyway? I'm always looking for easy decorating that's inexpensive.
posted by Danielle on 08/04/2007
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