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Magic Mosaics
Suitable for: Kids 4 to 8 years old
Takes place: At Home
Keywords: crafts, cutting, toddlers, preschoolers
Have fun with this simple, quick and versatile way of creating paper mosaic pictures!

You will need various different colours of paper - you can use plain paper (as we have in all the examples), wrapping paper, magazine paper, foil paper, textured paper ... in short, any paper you think will create an interesting effect! You could also draw and colour a design on a piece of plain paper to use in your mosaic.

Cut the paper into strips about 1/2 inch wide, and then cut the strips so that you have lots of little squares. Don't worry about being too accurate since this adds to the effect
Now choose a background paper (we used construction paper) and plan your design. You can make light pencil marks and make it as simple or complicated as you like - but remember if you have any curves you will have to cut your squares into smaller pieces to fit.

Now, here is the magic part! You will need some spray mount glue - the kind which allows you to reposition your pictures over and over again. Take your paper outside or into a well ventilated room and give it a coat of spray mount all over, or, if you are intending to only cover one part of the paper as in the picture below, in the appropriate areas.

Now you can just place your squares of paper down onto the backing paper - and, if necessary, move them around until you are happy with their placement. Little children can just throw their mosaic tiles at the backing paper haphazardly and find that they stick like magic!

When your picture is finished you may want to protect it by laminating it - these make wonderful place mats!

Note: The spray mount glue makes the process so much easier and quicker and less sticky - but if you don't have any to hand you can of course use white glue, spreading it to cover a small area at a time.
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