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Takes place: At Home
That is so nice that they do that. I wish we had that in Chicago.
posted by Ashley on 12/17/2006
What a wonderful idea - we've thought of sneaking our baby to one of our movie theaters here in Tampa, Florida. We are lucky to have a really good baby and we know she would be fine, but we have also thought about - how loud the speakers would be for her ears.
posted by Patty on 02/23/2007
My husband and I have taken our daughter to the movies. We chose a movie that wouldn't have to loud of sounds. She slept throught the whole movie once she was done conducting the credits. She was so funny. I do wish that they had a place like that here in Michigan though. It would be nice to not have to worry about wether or not the baby is going to be fussy or what not.
posted by naomi on 04/28/2007
Thats so awesome! I wish we had one of those here in Michigan....what a great idea for parents!
posted by Melissa on 06/11/2007
If anyone knows of a theater in New Jersey that has that, please let me know.
posted by Christa on 07/19/2007
I wish that we had that in Cheyenne, Wyoming! that would be a life saver for all of us who have babies!
posted by Maria on 09/28/2007
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