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Treasure Hunt
Suitable for: Kids 5 to 10 years old
Takes place: Outdoors
Keywords: treasure, maps, family fun
Here is what you will need: Small plastic gold coins, inexpensive beaded necklaces, small rings, play money, and a treasure box decorated by the children. A map made by you for the children to follow. Inexpensive treasures that can be found in any party store.

Here is how it works:
1) Hide the treasure filled box in a good hiding place (backyard, playground) .
2) Prepare a creative map for the children to follow
ex: Start at the apple tree , look around, and find another clue. To make it more fun, clues might have a rhyme or just have simple directions like "walk twenty five steps until you come to the swingset", etc.
3) When the kids come to the place where the treasure is buried or hidden, they will open it and take turns sharing the treasure inside.

It's great fun and always a success!

It encourages group cooperation, problem solving, following directions, thinking and reasoning.
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