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11 Reasons not to vaccinate
Making the case why you should NOT vaccinate, here are some thoughts from the members of RaisingThem group 'Parent who choose not to vaccinate'. Whether you agree or not, you will be better informed by checking out this list.
Merck recalls
Merck recalls kids' vaccine The drugmaker recalls 1.2 million doses...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 4 comments
I made it because I'm a chemist and I work with heavy metals and...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 10 comments
Mercury and other bad stuff
All the bad stuff in them: mercury, animal viruses and who knows...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 1 comments
Diseases dropping
The diseases that many vaccines are protecting against were already...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 1 comments
Side Effects
There are so many different side effects that can come of...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 3 comments
Formeldehyde is one of the ingredients and this is a known...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 5 comments
Autism was one of the reasons. These shots have mercury in them not...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 0 comments
I do not like the ingredients in the vaccines like-did you know...
Posted 01/18/2008 - 0 comments
Using Animals
I had never thought of how they produce vaccines until I got...
Posted 10/21/2008 - 0 comments
These are all ridiculous reasons
Vaccinate your child and do your homework on BOTH sides before...
Posted 03/06/2009 - 6 comments
Because you're both irresponsible and selfish
Friends of mine have a baby who was scheduled to begin his MMR...
Posted 03/09/2009 - 5 comments
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Created by Vero
Last updated on 03/09/2009 12:34 PM
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2.6/5 (201 votes)
Vaccines are harmful and unnecessary. However, they make BILLIONS of dollars each year for the pharmaceutical companies...imagine that!
posted by Amy on 02/22/2008
I really do not like hearing about these types of things, especially for offense to you. It is helpful. They have recalled so many things(lotions, powders, shampoos, whipes, baby food, flouride, and baby bottles those are what I know) Now vaccinations. It is so sad. SCARY!!
posted by Michelle on 02/29/2008
Yeah, and I just recently had a friend who's son has autism and he was given his shots and had such a bad reaction he was hospitalized because he could not breathe!!! I am all for natural products and stopping the use of chemicals, we are being used as the test generation and it's not right! Check out my website if you are interested in getting the chemicals out of your house and creating a safer environment!
posted by twinmommyathome on 03/12/2008
Check out a book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stehpanie Cave. Very informative and easy to read.
posted by Sarah on 03/18/2008
my husband is a doctor. we vaccinate our kids. and we all get flu shots every year.
posted by mmm on 03/18/2008
the reason why diseases are not seen as much as they once were is because people get the vaccinations. Look how may people come over from other countries every year, and look at all the stuff already out there in the US today. . .I think the pros out weigh the cons.
posted by Jamie on 03/25/2008
Thank you for sharing Vero...we just stopped vaccinating 3 years ago...and I've seen a drastic difference in the health of the ones I didn't vaccinate. :D
posted by Hayley on 04/11/2008
Have you seen this website:

it is really informative.

posted by Hayley on 04/11/2008
The pros deffinately out weight the cons. People freak about vaccines causing Autism, which is not true. Autism is genetic and can be triggered by the vaccine.
Recently, there has been a little out break of measels near the Atlanta area and the kids who are getting it are the ones who were never vaccinated. I just think giving a bunch at one time is a little over the top.
posted by DB on 05/06/2008
I have two kids and do not vaccinate and I am proud of it. Untill someone can give me a good reason not just because the doctors say so then I am not vaccinating. My kids see a chiropractor on a regular basis and never have ear infections and are rarely sick. I completely believe that my children have benefited from non vaccination. Whatever happened to true immunity not just some fake form of it from medication. How about eating healthy and living a healthy life style. Read the Sanctity of Human blood it will make you think twice about vaccinating. And as far as there is no link between autism and vaccinating they have not proven that and they have not proven that it doesnt cause it.
posted by Lindsey on 05/15/2008
To each his own. As long as parents realize that their children are at potential risk in the future as these diseases show up again due to a lower rate of children being vaccinated, then it's their choice on what to do.
posted by Jen on 05/24/2008
I believe this is the hardest desicision for parents to make. We feel like we are taking a risk either way. It's like your da**ed if you do, your da**ed if you don't. I think we all want the best for our children. I wasn't going to vaccinate untill I saw a show with a 23yr old man who came down with polio and couldn't walk. I made sure my daughter was only given one shot at a time (when she was two months) although it included three vaccines. She had three shots all together and now she is completely traumatized by the experiance. We can't even step in the doctors office without her screaming. This is why she will not be getting anymore. I have tryed researching this for almost two years. The truth is that the information is just not available for the general public. Theres a website called Dr. She is an M.D. whos son came down with brain damage after vaccination. I tried calling her for advice, she was bitter and wanted $800.00 before she would help me. I am going to hold off on vaccinating, and when my daughters older I will tell her what I know about them and she can then make her own choice. This is a great discussion. =)
posted by on 06/29/2008
this is a personal choice, my choice is to vaccinate. As a scientist i have yet to see any hard data to support the autism correlation. the all vaccines have a mercury free version, so we ask for it. the viruses are killed or attenuated and you can't have a vaccine without a virus. i would rather protect my kids.
posted by Brandy on 07/17/2008
My son is due for his first set of vaccinations on the 22nd and I'm scared. I don't know what to do. I want him to be healthy and don't want to be responsible for a health problem if I do or don't give them to him.I'm so confused. I was leaning towards not vaccinating him, but am not sure it is the right choice yet. Please help!!!
posted by Tiffany on 09/03/2008
I feel that for now, the proof is out there that vaccinations do more good than harm. We had both of our children vaccinated and have had no side effects whatsoever from them. We do know some people in our area who did not vaccinate and have had some serious issues because of it.
posted by Jennifer on 10/01/2008
When my daughters were infants I had them vaccinated and everything went well other than a little fever. I remember the first time was scary cause I didn't know what to expect. With so many foreigners coming to America I think I would vaccinate. You never know what they may be exposed to.
posted by Roxanne on 10/03/2008
I have vaccinated my 3 children without any side effects and now that I have my 4th I plan on vaccinating her too.
posted by Tiffany on 10/15/2008
Vote YES on vaccinating.
posted by hoot on 10/27/2008
Both my kids have their immunization on schedule and I'm all for it.I came from a foreign country and I have witness the good effects of immunization first hand.It certainly outweighs the side effects and death of so many children that are without it.
posted by Marnie on 11/21/2008
Autism is NOT caused by vaccinations. It has been proven time and time again that Autism is not caused by vaccinations but by genetics. I really really wish people would stop saying "OMG vaccinations cause Autism" If that were the case, wouldn't all vaccinated children be autistic??
posted by chrissi on 11/28/2008
Are you all kidding - you really think that you should avoid all vaccines!?! What world do you live in? I certainly understand questioning what you put in your body and not trusting everything that's put in front of you. But when you're kids get small pox and other avoidable diseases that don't exist now because of vaccines, who will save them?
Maybe you should study history and statistics before making sweeping generalizations about avoiding all vaccines.
Ask someone over 60 yrs. old about their memories of Polio. And ask them why your kids don't live in fear of not being able to walk or breathe.
posted by D on 01/04/2009
First of all, if I had NOT vaccinated my two children, they would not be able to attned a public school or college. I am not for homeschooling because I feel they need the social interaction. My two are healthy and we have had no issues at all. Would you seriously rather take the risk of your child developing a deadly disease than autism? Autism cannot kill a child, but smallpox, polio, and most of the other things we are vaccinated for can. I agree that some of the things they want children to be vaccinated for now is a little unessesary(chicken pox) but for my son to get into kindergarten he had to have it. I would rather have an autistic child than a child that died of a disease he was not vaccinated for and have that on my consience.
posted by Jennifer on 01/20/2009
I do not vaccinate my child for several reasons. I believe when something is so widely endorsed by pharmesutical companies and doctors, I smell a rat. I do not want my child injected with chemicals that I wouldn't feed her in her foods (formaldehyde, mercury) and some vaccines actually contain human diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue) as a pro-life mom, I could not in good conscience put that into my child. If you want to do it, go for it, but I have done my research. I am going to homeschool my children anyway. I have not been vaccinated since the age of five and i can count on one hand how many times i have had the flu or any other sickness.
posted by Bonita on 02/17/2009
posted by ashley on 03/05/2009
The claim that immunizations cause autism has been debunked time and again, was based on fraudulent claims in the first place:

Also check out this interview with the author of Autism's False Profits:
posted by likethegum on 03/09/2009
"These clusters of exemptors have public health officials worried because high enough rates of non-vaccination can lead to a resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases. “The more contagious a disease is, the higher the vaccination rate needs to be to prevent an outbreak,” says Dr. Kroger. For instance, if the rate of vaccination for a highly contagious disease like the measles falls below 90 to 95 percent, we could see the disease become endemic once again in the United States. Even for less contagious diseases, a vaccination rate of 80 to 85 percent or more is needed to prevent the disease from taking hold again."

"The problem is, there aren’t just parents who are opting out for reasons of personal or religious beliefs. There are also children who are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons. For instance, kids who have compromised immune systems need to avoid certain “live” vaccinations, and kids who have life-threatening allergies to an ingredient in a vaccine may need to avoid it as well."

"That means that belief-based opt-out rates don’t need to be that high before they can combine with medical opt-out rates to push non-vaccination rates into the critical zone. It also means that belief-based exemptors may be putting the medical-based exemptors at risk."

"If your inclination is to get all the vaccinations the CDC recommends, by all means do so. These vaccinations are safe, serious reactions are rare, and a pre-vaccination consultation with a pediatrician will ensure that your child does not have any contraindications for any of the vaccinations. The CDC offers a complete schedule for all the vaccines recommended for children up to one year old."

"If, however, you are tempted to delay or forgo any vaccinations for your children, it’s critical that you educate yourself about the diseases those vaccinations are intended to prevent. As an increasing number of parents are delaying or forgoing certain vaccinations, it’s no longer possible to simply assume these diseases will remain so rare that they are not a threat."

"Even more so, the consequences of many of these diseases can be quite serious. For instance, did you know that the fatality rate from diphtheria for children under the age of 5 is up to 20 percent? Or that roughly 25 percent of post-pubescent boys will experience some degree of permanent testicular shrinkage following a bout of the mumps?"

"And for a disease like tetanus—which causes gruesome muscle spasms and seizures and has a greater than 10% fatality rate—the risk of contracting has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not other children are vaccinated. That’s because the disease is spread solely by spores found in soil and dirt, rather than from person to person."

I have vaccinated my children and would do it again.
posted by Janie on 05/27/2009
what about us parents that do vaccinate and then have to have our kids at daycare with non vaccinated kids? personally, i dont really want my kids at risk of anything bc you wont vaccinate your kids. my oldest is still waiting for her last meesles bc of an omish community in the state next to us had a measle outbreak from not vaccinating. its been almost a year. so you dont want to vaccinate your kids to begin with but then when they do get something that could of been prevented, you flock to take the vaccine???? it quite frankly pisses me off. she should of had almost a year ago and now thanks to ignorant parents she is on a waiting list. i am all for going natural and stuff, but is it really worth putting your kids life at stake??? ppl need to think long and hard.
posted by Devon on 06/05/2009
dont you have to homeschool if you dont vaccinate though?
posted by allison on 08/08/2009
My friend is a registered Nurse ( RN ) and she chose not to vaccinate her son who is now almost 4 years-old!

Just to say that it's a personal choice and you really have to be informed to make that kind of choice.

posted by *Larissa on 08/12/2009
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