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Great home business opportunity... stay home with your children!
Here's a great opportunity if you would like to get started with a home business. I absolutely love it and never have to "push" the products, Everyone loves them!

Just take a minute to check out my website and you'll see that you, too, love the products! Email me and I'll tell you more, and I'll answer all your questions. I'm not going to go on and on about it, I'll just tell you that I love it and you should atleast check it out and consider it before commiting to something else that quite possibly might not get you anywhere.

I'd love to help you get started and help you along the way.

contact me at :

Alison Ballard
Uppercase Living
Independent Demonstrator
Created by Ali
Last updated on 09/02/2008 12:25 AM
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Super cute stuff!! My name is Christy and I am a gold canyon candles demonstrator so I enjoy checking out other home products!!
posted by Christy on 09/10/2008
Great stuff! I am a Child Shield, USA Executive Affiliate and I help prevent children from kidnappings and falling prey to child predators! I love my part time job and feel good about making money! Check out my site,

Enroll your family today!
posted by Lori on 09/26/2008
I have a great childrens books business and pampered chef cooking business. Websites are available for both and you can start with the commission from your first catalog oor home show. The products sell themselves. I also do partylite candles. I love what i do and you can to. Email me for more
posted by Michael on 10/09/2008
I have a consignment website business, This is a website where moms can resell their items that have already been monogrammed. Surely another Emma's mom would like to buy something that has already been monogrammed Emma. Moms can sell their Smocked, Appliqued, Monogrammed and Engraved items on this site. I am also looking for moms that already monogram items and would like to sell their custom items here too. All listings are free. Check it out.
posted by Aimee on 11/04/2008
Hi ladies! My name is Gen and I am a SAHM to an adorable 3 yr old boy and a beautiful 7 mo old girl. Lately I've been thinking a lot about the economy, and I know many families are struggling financially today. It's very unfortunate. Many people need extra income each month but they don't know where to turn. For moms, it's even more difficult. Many of us desperately want to be home with our children, but also need to bring in additional income.

My husband was ready to get a 2nd job until we stumbled across this. I am so thankful we did. I am so happy I gave this team and our company a chance. We have been able to pay so much of our debt off. We're on our way to being financially secure, and I've been able to do it around my family, right from home.

I want to share the oppotunity that has changed our lives. I invite you to visit my website:
posted by Gen on 12/09/2008
I wasn't sure if this was the place to share, but it must be. :) I am a SAHM of a year year old little girl who has ADHD. She is the reason I quit my job and came home. She is also the reason I started working from home. It has changed our lives. I would love to share all the exciting details with other moms who are looking to do the same. Feel free to visit my website at
posted by Angie on 12/30/2008
Hello, Come check out an awesome home business opportunity that will pay you residual income. This is a no products, no cold calling, and no selling business.
Visit for more information or to request an interview.
Regional Sales Director
posted by Roxanne on 01/07/2009
hi i am looking for something that i can do at home that i know works and brings a pretty dependable income any suggestions
posted by shannon on 01/09/2009
Hi I SAHM also. Im with THE MOM TEAM. Wellness,prevention and going green. we like to help other moms build a business from home.
posted by lois on 01/14/2009
Money is about freedom of choice. Money doesn't create happiness-- it does
give you the FREEDOM to make the CHOICES you want.

I know you have heard all about "work from home" opportunities. You may
have even tried a few. There is so much hype out there.

What you will not have heard before is this...
We are real people.
We have a real company
We have a real business.
We are successful NOW
We have the PROOF
Our PROMISE is to teach you how to achieve your goals
For More information..sign in...I would love to talk to you, no hype, no pressure
just interested in hearing about YOUR goals and maybe we can help you.
posted by Stacy on 03/16/2009
Hello! I am a social worker by day and a home business owner by night. I wanted to be a social worker because I love to help people and wanted to help families reach their full potential. I am able to do the same thing with my home business. I am helping moms work from home with their kids which in turn helps their families as well. I am looking for more moms to join my team. No selling, stocking, or delivering products.
If you would like to join my team, go to
posted by Danielle on 04/28/2009
I have begun selling Natural Wellness products. They are a huge hit with families/moms who are concerned about all the chemicals and pharmaceuticals that their family is ingesting. If you are interested in learning more about the products or how you can join a team that has amazing potential, contact me @ You can also check out my blog @
and my website @
posted by Crysta on 06/20/2009
I am happy to be home with my 2 girls and still bring in income for my family. I work with an awesome team and we really help each other as we build a genuine income from home! I love my work because it doesn't involve direct sales, parties, inventory, or anything like that and I get to help other families as well. If you want more info, visit and request information. I will personally call you back!

posted by Courtney on 01/19/2010
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