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Reward With Stickers
I had a bowl of stickers on the back of the potty and a piece of construction paper with her name on it on her bedroom door. Every time she went potty on the potty, she got a sticker. If she went poopoo on the potty, she got THREE stickers. It worked great. She was potty trained in two weeks... but she had to make the decision to be ready to wear big girl panties herself!)

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Created by Jamie
Posted on 03/17/2008 11:23 AM
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yea it works but when you run out of stickers and got no money to buy any they dont use the potty
even the dr tried something she gace my 4 year old this doll and said when you go potty on the potty chair for 2 weeks you can have the doll well 3 months went by nothen so i gave up and said all day until bedtime you go potty and make no mistakes you can have the doll it worked she got the doll at bedtime and the next day she did not wanna use the potty chair so now i stopped the sticker thing and the gift thing and told her she can not go to kindergarten after summer if she dont use the potty chair so its been working great she only makes mistakes while sleeping and i tell her its ok
posted by rita on 02/17/2009
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