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Doing it Naked
My son does great when he's naked. I read that trying to take the poopy diaper off of them when they are on the toilet so they know where it is suppose to go might help.

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Created by Michele
Posted on 03/17/2008 11:27 AM
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This is so true! My son seems completely potty-trained while naked, but the second the diaper is on he pees in it! I think that they let they're guard down once they know that it will end up in the diaper.
posted by Hanna on 08/08/2008
I have been dumping the contents of his poopy diaper in the toilet for him to see where it's supposed to go, and what it looks like in there.

Lately, he is all about "NO" so I am reluctantly taking a step back for a bit. I'll try again in a week or so.
posted by Annette+4 on 08/09/2008
My son knows where it is supposed to go and still refuses to do it. he will run to the bathroom and tell me thats where its supposed to go and when i put him on the toilet he screams like we are trying to torture him. I have tried 3 different potty's and even just the big potty.. still affraid.
posted by Jessica on 08/12/2008
I agree with Jessica. My son is already 3 1/2 and knows he is supposed to go on the potty, but he would just rather go in his pull up! He also walked really late, crawled really late. and so I assume it has to be his idea or he won't do it. If I put him in panties, he just pees in them. I think I will try the naked thing, maybe this will work! Thanks!
Holly in Illinois
posted by Holly on 08/30/2008
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