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Get back in shape NOW!
Returning to physical shape after birth takes time. In fact, it takes more than one month, or more than two months or sometimes even more than one year. Sleep deprivation, nursing, lack of time to exercise, all of these do not make the task any easier.
However, it's good to think about early and be aware. Sleep when he sleeps and diet/excercise when you can, if you can. Don't drive yourself crazy!
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Created by Vero
Posted on 11/21/2007 08:03 PM
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No! No! Please tell me my butt will shrink back tomorrow. I am not happy that my maternity pants that were too big 3-4 months into my pregnancy fit me now 2 months post.
posted by Kanisha on 02/05/2008
i had my daughter 8 months ago and i have now just starting to lose weight!! its not coming off as easy as it use to, but im working on it.....i weighed 180 when i had my dsaughter im not 169!! i have always been thin, so it gets annoying ha
posted by tanya on 03/06/2008
I had my son 8 months ago and I am just now starting to lose the rest of the baby weight. 229lbs. right before I went in to give birth to my son. two weeks after I was 215lbs. and now it's 8 months later and I am 182pounds it's hard losing the baby weight. I wish it would just fall off now. I have been told that it's much more easy to lose the weight the first year after giving birth then after there first birthday because you child starts eating food and when it comes to going out with your child you will want to eat his food. :( I hope not! I am going to try to be one of those mom's who will try my best to eat at home no matter how hard it is. I know we might have a few days that we would want to eat out but I know I am mom and so Mom says what gose.

I have always been told if you put your mind to it you can do anything and so I still live by that saying. I will lose the weight it might take a little more time then I like but I will lose it.

Good Luck to all you mom's with the baby weight I know it's not easy!!!

posted by Mommy Monique on 04/15/2008
I only 4"11 and gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I still dont feel back to normal after 1 year and a month ago. I am overweight and still working hard on trying to loose it.
posted by Monchhichi on 05/06/2008
Actually I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. Little Abby was born just a little over a month ago and my weight is well...I don't know but just a week after having her I weighed less than before I was pregnant. I did NOT gain much during the pregnancy. Only Abby was really my weight! This wasn't what I wanted and for the duration I felt very nervous that she would be very small. My mom didn't even think I looked very pregnant at NINE months! My regular clothes still fitted just the same as my Maternity top. (Which I bought just because I wanted a maternity top to feel more pregnant.)

First trimester: I was too sick to eat. Ever. I ate about a 1/4 of what I used to eat.

Second trimester: Still kinda yucko, but I started eating 1/2 of what I used to eat.

Third trimester: Started to pick up my regular eating habits and started to eat a bit more but then that gestational diabetes kicked in! So yeah...THAT diet isn't a whole lot of fun. Yeah, at nine months I weighed less than before I was preggo.

Therefore, don't feel bad about losing your figure. It'll come back one day and if not, at least you were more at ease during your pregnancy. When you were gaining weight instead of losing it. As for me I am TRYING to keep my weight on because I bf and I already know it takes a toll on me.
posted by Melanie on 07/11/2008
well i was 172 two days before i delivered my daughter. by the time she was almost two monthes i was at 134. then i got on the shot:( we dont want another right away, but it made me gain 20 pounds, and i cant loose it to save my life. however i just got done doing two accelerated sessions in college and i didnt have time to exercise and i was eating dinner when i got home at night (11 pm). so now that i am out of school for a month i would love to find someone in the area to exercise with, maybe with stroller:) so let me now if you are interested
posted by melissa on 07/25/2008
I had my baby December 7th 2007. He is now 8 months and my weight is not going away. i did have a problem though. I couldnt make enough breast milk for him so my doctor put me on some pills to produce more. I just found out they make you more hungry so that your body will make milk. I have been going crazy with all this extra weight. I loved being pregnant and love being a mom but i can really say that the weight thing has been a real struggle for me. I want my old body back...... Mommy are the best for what we go through.... stay strong ladies...
posted by Lori on 08/11/2008
That is so weird. This whole thing is crazy. When I was pregnant, the only way for me to combat my nausea was to eat! So I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy but I still couldn't make enough milk for the baby. Luckily I didn't have to deal with gestational diabetes. Now I find myself trying to battle sleep deprivation by eating to feel energized- I'm also scared to go back to my original eating habits because I'm still BF.

I noticed all the posts are pretty old. How's everyone doing now?
posted by AnnaMama08 on 09/28/2008
I was 160 to start with then 200 right before giving birth. After giving birth I was 182 and now I am 190. I feel like a fat cow.
posted by Alisa on 12/17/2008
Before I had the baby I was 180 then 210 had high blood pressure towards the end and retaining alot of water, I also breastfed till my lil man was 4mths and I lost fat in my boobs and face...then i have been walking 2-3 times a day and have lost 10 lbs in 6mths I now way 198 but I'm also 5'10" I'm tall and I'm feeling great my son is now 16mths and I'm constantly moving, chasing him around...I know I'll loose more...I hate doing situps but walking is really working goodluck!
posted by Stephanie on 12/22/2008
I have a 1 year old boy and weigh as much today as I did when I went in to have my baby. I feel like I am eating well 3 balanced meals a day at the table with my son, don't eat after 7pm and try to do some sort of exersize each day.
I am starting to wonder if I can even get away with calling it baby weight any more. My son split my stomach muscles so far that my doc says I will have to have surgery to fix them when I am done having kids. I feel droopy and fat. Does anybody have any advice I am willing to try almost anything!!!
posted by on 01/28/2009
I was 180 to before pregnancy then shot up to 245!!! Now i'm back to 180, but although the weight is's not in the same places. I'm waiting for the day that my stomach tightens back up!!!
posted by Corinne on 08/19/2010
The weight dropped off me the first 2 months, I lost 30 of the 45 I gained. But now my daughter is 6 1/2 months old, and instead of losing the last 10 pounds I am slowly gaining! Ouch! I have not been able to get back into an exercise routine and I am fighting PPD so it is really tough.
posted by Regina on 09/12/2010
I lost about 35lbs before we got pregnant, and that was great. When we got pregnant I gained it all back. I have lost about 15lbs but I still have some work to do. Its so hard trying to find time to get to the gym. Walks were helping alot, but its starting to get chilly out. Our baby is now three months old and we want to get pregnant again when she is a year. Hopefully I lose it all before then. Any suggestions?
posted by Susan on 10/12/2010
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