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Becoming a control freak
So you have read all the books, taken notes about the do's and dont's of parenting, you have scouted the local public and private schools, thought about playdate partners and playdate schedules, chosen his music section, video shows he'll be allowed to watch... should I go on?
Remember that you are not just dealing with a baby, you are dealing with a person and as such he will want to affirm himself, make choices, sometimes mistakes. If you try to control his life too much, he will just try to break free from you!
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Created by Vero
Posted on 11/21/2007 08:21 PM
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I definitely agree on that. I feel like growing up my mother was that way. I love her to death but, I always remember she just wanted the best even though it was hard for her to let go and let me be my own person. I think even children want to be a but independant it feels good.
posted by Monchhichi on 05/06/2008
My mom was the complete opposite. She let me do whatever, with rules, and when I broke those rules, I got grounded for a week. Mind you 1 week= 1 day.

She wasn't consistent. She never had play groups or anything. Looking back, my life and my way of thinking would be a lot different if she had been more of a mom-mom than a "whatever mom."

There's got to be a happy medium. I plan on being apart of my daughter's school to make sure she's getting the dedication and education all children deserve. I also want to have some sort of group so she looks forward to spending time with kids her age at least once a week. (Especially if the neighborhood has little to no children [of her age]).

And yes, I read some books, but mostly for tips and information. It comes in handy, but I can't go nuts with it. I'd even be mad at me for being THAT mom.
posted by Amanda on 06/27/2008
My mother was like that she even told me I couldn't get my license so I couldn't go and do things she didn't want me to do. Lets just say I don't really talk to her anymore and live far away from her.
posted by Alisa on 12/17/2008
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