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All or nothing
I tried everything to get my son to use the potty. The Last thing I tried was Tearing the Tabs off the diaper in front of him and telling him the diaper was"broken".

That is all it took! I told him he needed to use his potty if he needed to go. We had 1 naked day to make it easy for him to go in time. The next day I took him to the mall with a change of clothes and his potty chair in the trunk. Then I found out he hated public restrooms. We went outside to the car. The day ended in a success potty 2 times in the Trunk potty!

The second day we went to a theme park for the day. He still hated public restrooms but I figured out a way he would use one. I let him Stand on the rim and had him hold himself up on the wall (lean forward). Mommy or Daddy has to aim but WE now had a child who could potty anywhere!!

Hope this helps some of you too!!
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Created by Shanelle
Posted on 06/15/2011 12:15 PM
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