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Getting your kids to try new types of food
My kids are *really* picky, and it's always a royal pain to get them to expand their horizon in terms of what they eat. Be it fruits or veggies or anything... if it's new, they don't want it. So here is a neat trick that worked well for me: I take an ice tray and fill each little comparement with various kinds of foods, mixing some they know (and like) with some that are new that I want them to try. Because the portions are small (and the container is funny) they are much more resceptive to try new things. Works well with cheese, mashed veggies, fruits pieces, nuts, etc.
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Written by Francis
Posted on 11/03/2006
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I tried that because I read it somewhere but it didn't work for my 17 month old son. He just plain old refuses to even touch anything new. He will only eat ground up table foods or baby food...he will suck on crackers, cheese and bread but nothing else. I am at my wits end. I've tried everything but starving him and I just can't bare to hear him scream when he's hungry and still refusing new foods. He is also giving me problems with getting off the bottle. Screaming is un ending and un nerving! I don't give in until next meal or bottle time though. He's on a very strict schedule with b/l/d and bottles.
posted by Lisa on 02/07/2007
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