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Record TV shows instead of showing live TV
If you have TIVO it is easier but this works also with a regular VCR. Instead of tuning your TV to the Cartoon Network or PBS Kids, record their favorite shows (or at least the ones you approve). Next time they ask to watch TV, you are in full control of how much time they will spend there. With live TV, shows just follow one another and kids always want to see what's next.
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Written by Carra
Posted on 11/09/2006
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I have Dish Network and I have to admit I do this as well. My kids just go bonkers for Caillou and I tape it everyday on PBS!! When they want to watch TV, guess who is conveniently coming on???? CAILLOU!! My kids love it and they are not watching filth or listening to trash talk on the tube!! Carra, this is a great tip!!
posted by Jeanne on 04/18/2007
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