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Baby Language
I wanted to share this with everyone, since it has helped me to understand my baby's needs. (I saw this on Oprah). Basically, researchers have discovered a way that babies communicate with the world. It's pretty easy to understand once you know what sounds/words mean what. Neh="I'm hungry" Owh="I'm sleepy" Heh="I'm experiencing discomfort" Eair="I have lower gas" Eh="I need to burp" Here is the link to see the video that shows actual babies making the noise. It's most useful for 0-3 months age group. Supposedly, if the noise/word doesn't gain the response that the baby needs the baby will cease to use to noise/word after 3 months. I had recognized my little one saying "NEH" when she was hungry and it was surprising to then see it be a universal noise babies make.
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Written by Debra
Posted on 11/17/2006
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Thanks for posting this Debra. That makes so much sense that like many things little ones do there are basic sounds that babies use universally. Of course I could have used the specific help when my son was not yet talking - like most in a sleep deprived state sometimes it was hard to distinguish needs so I would just run through them like a checklist.

Thanks again! Rare
posted by Rare on 12/03/2006
That's really cool! I'm always pleased when science and research finally catches up to what millions of mothers and fathers have known for thousands of years -- babies can tell you what they need! For some people, they just won't believe it until the research proves it, so this helps the cause of good parenting and child care everywhere!
posted by Kelly on 12/10/2006
I saw that Oprah show too and it was so cool to here 10 differen't babies make the same sound! -------- kelly I didn't know my baby could talk. when she cryed i knew she needed something so i went down the list but I didn't know there was a differen't sound for each thing. I bet only a handful out of all the mothers in the world know that there is a crying reflex that makes different slite sounds for the things that they need.
posted by Ashley on 12/15/2006
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