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Childrens Modeling Class

   San Francisco Studio
2325 3rd St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Childrens Modeling Class
More Than A Model, offers beginning modeling classes for children ages 6-17. In addition to learning the basics of the trade, ie the catwalk, camera angles, portfolio work etc., the classes focus on things such as the healthy model lifestyle, confidence, self esteem. Classes are offered either as a part of the series (beginner, intermediate) or on an individual weekend intensive.

My son Finn, recently completed the beginner series, and completely came out of his shell! He not only really enjoyed the classes, he now has a portfolio and upcoming jobs in San Francisco. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who's child is either shy, or completely outspoken!

Suitable for: Kids ages 6-17 (boys and girls)
See also: teens, entertainment, modeling, photography, after school activities, fun
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Submitted by Cristin
Posted on 07/17/2007
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Lane Kennedy's modeling classes were so great for my children, sage (age 6) and Jane (age 9). The girls loved the class, could not stop talking about how much fun they were having "posing" behind the camera and feeling like "superstars". It was a great confidence and self-esteem booster for both girls. I would definitely encourage other mothers to enroll their children in these classes.
Reviewd by Cristin on 07/17/2007
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