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P.O. Box 222
Lakeside, CT 06758
Day Jams Rock Music Day Camp.
Live Your Rock Star Dreams This Summer! Whether you're an absolute beginner or a more advanced player, DayJams offers you the opportunity to learn and improve your skills on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals, or horn from professional musicians and teachers in a friendly and creative curriculum-based environment. You'll play in a band, write an original song, perform in a rock concert, and record your performance live!

What’s more, you’ll learn with the help of our excellent music textbooks and resources. All DayJams textbooks are written specifically for us by National Guitar Workshop Publications, a sister company of DayJams. National Guitar Workshop Publication's expansive collection of music textbooks are available nationwide at fine music & bookstores

Suitable for: ages 8 to 15 years old
See also: summer camp
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Submitted by Mary
Posted on 06/03/2011
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