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Single moms with TWINS!
Public online group
Hi Brittany!
I don't think I can offer much advice as I am in the same situation as you are but I think maybe we can try to support eachother as we make our way through our 9 month journeys... I am 21 single and pregnant with twins. I am only 8 weeks and starting to show for sure. I haven't told my mother yet and thats one of the things that scares me the most. How did you family react to your big news?
Posted by Danielle on 02/19/2007 07:06 PM

My family is great. Thank God my mom loves grandchildren! Everyone is supportive. I think I was the most freaked out of anyone (except the daddy) Um, hopefully your mom is pretty down-to-earth and understanding? Really. That was one thing I didn't have to worry about. Believe me though...I've got plenty PLENTY of other things to keep me up at night. Enjoy your sleep now. Seriously. If you can sleep through the night...DO IT! :) I can't sleep at all like I used to. I'm getting quite uncomfy and have to 'go' at least 3-4 times all night. You'll see what I mean ;) Hey, we are luck though. Other than having more diapers to change I believe (though I might be kidding myself) that the twins will comfort and entertain themselves and in the long run be more secure, better balanced and easier to handle. Maybe I'm delusional from lack of sleep HA! Ok, well, I sent my e-mail address to you as well. Hope to hear from you soon. I don't want to freak you out because you are still just in the begining...
My advice...get some good prenatal vitamins. Of coarse quit drinking, smoking etc. and tell you mom sooner than later (it will take the stress off you) hopefully she'll be as excited as you are?
posted by Brittany on 02/23/2007 03:35 PM

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