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Parents with Kids in Elementary School
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Tongue outHello to all of you single hard working honest clean mothers out thers.  My name is Amy-sarah, and my 9 yr old ADHD boy Chris.  He comes first no matter what , and no matter what "so-called penis" comes into my life, my son is my life my world my everything...I think he still is attached to my uterus..LOL.  So how are all the bitches this weekend????  What plans do you all have for this vrey special holiday, that if it weren' for us vagina's then there wouldn't be any precious crying, whining, poutng, screaming, drooling, pooping, laughing, beings in the universe...would there????hmmmm  Well MY SON made me a present already at project day. He made me a perfect wooden heart shaped flower vase, all by himself...which I gave him an A+.  And with chalk he wrote HI and I Love You on it. AWWWWW I loved it.  anyway.  Please share with me all of your stories. I am a great listener as well as talker.  Have a great mothes day and week.  Any questions feel free to ask.

Caio for now,

Amy-sarah and sonInnocent

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Posted by Amy-sarah on 05/07/2011 02:12 PM

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