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What to feed my 12 month old!
Hello everyone,

Its been sometime that I've been able to visit the site, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer.

My baby Jacob turned 1 year old on July 28th! YAY! We took him to his 12 month appt yesterday and the doctor said "no more bottle foods". I'm kind of nervous about this because Jacob is a very picky eater and also add to that it's very hot and he's teething. Me and huby have taken Jacob off formula and he's now on 2% milk and cereal. Sometimes Jacob doesn't want to eat b/c its too hot or because his gums are really bothering him so I try to give him some apple sauce (which he might eat) and then just give him a bottle. I just need to know am I doing the right thing? I mean, I can't force food down his throat. And also, can any moms give suggestions as to how they have dealt with this? What can I feed him for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And also should I be giving him vitamins now that he's off formula?

Sorry I have so many questions!! Jacob is my first so.... I just mastered the baby faze and now I have to relearn all over again... LOL.

Thanks in advance for all the help :)
Posted by Eva on 08/05/2008 09:22 AM

Hi, and the first think i would like to say is never worry about asking questions because thats what the group is for. I have not had to go through this my self yet because my son is only 7 months. But i would say just about anything you eat he can eat. Someone one suggested to me to get a pear of kitchen cisors that you use just for the baby and nothing else. and just cut up anything with them, for breakfast you could try pancakes or French toast, my sister will mash and sauta some bananas with a little juice and stuff the French toast with that. and lunch grilled cheese is a great option because he has a little dairy. i hope that this helps you a little and it will get better just keep trying everything. Good luck
posted by nikki on 08/05/2008 09:40 AM

He should be able to eat (if he's willing) anything you eat, just nothing too spicy. When he doesn't want to eat because of teething, give him some cold fruit, cut up so he doesn't choke.

Did his doctor recommend 2% milk? I ask because generally whole milk is recommended until age 3.

Some of my son's favorites are oatmeal, toast, cheerios, fruit, chicken, meatballs, pasta, veggies, cheese, yogurt and graham crackers.

You are right- don't try to force it, just offer a variety, and offer the same foods several times since it is common for children to reject new foods the first few times they are introduced.

If he is not eating a variety of foods, you may want to consider a vitamin, but if he eats a balanced diet, he should be fine. He doesn't have to get all nutrients in one day, it can be over the course of several days or a week.

If he seems to be healthy, have energy and is gaining weight, he is probably just fine. If not, talk to his doctor.

Don't worry about asking so many questions- I was the same way. We're all here to help each other.
posted by Marcia on 08/05/2008 09:49 AM

I just asked my pediatrician the same thing at my daughter's 1 year appt. He said she can eat everything now! Even creamy peanut butter! My daughter only has 2 bottom teeth at the moment and still loves all her food...she gums it to death! I cut up small pieces of ripe fruit (peaches, melons, grapes, blueberries) and she eats them like crazy. I also cut up cooked string beans, carrots, potatoes...any veggie really (except asparagus...I think it's too stringy for her to chew). She also eats all meats....chicken, ground beef, turkey, ham, etc. She's had pancakes, waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast...really, anything we eat, she eats. I do limit the amount of junk though...very rarely will she get pizza, hot dogs, or chicken nuggets. Oh, she loves grilled cheese and toast with cream cheese and jelly. She also drinks milk and water from sippy cups (I only use a bottle when she hasn't drank well the whole day).

As for vitamins, my daughter gets Poly ViSol (no iron) every morning. Ask your pedi before starting a vitamin supplement.
posted by FirstTimeMommy on 08/05/2008 09:53 AM

Hi, I have a 10 month old & this is what seems to work for me...I mix mashed vegetables with rice cereal, mixed grain cereal etc & feed him. He likes it since he gets the different flavors and so is not bored with it..

Also, I try different colors. So if it is green beans or mixed veggies in the morning, it is carrots or squash at night. Also, if he hasn't had enough milk during the day, I add milk instead of water when I mix the cereals & veggies. Seems to be a winner solution so far...
posted by Priya on 08/05/2008 10:09 AM

Have you tried the gerber graduates pasta pick ups? My daughter loves them! I first cut them into 4's but now I only cut them in half. (She is16months & has all her teeth except her cuspids). They are easy for her to pick up and she can feed herself. She loves any fruits, cooked veggies, pb&j, oatmeal, cheerios with milk (I usually feed her, sometimes she will feed herself), scrambled eggs. For dinner she usually eats what I am eating. If her teeth/gums are really bothering her (these cuspids have been the worse) I will give her baby food (because she will eat she just doesn't want to chew.)
posted by Amanda on 08/05/2008 12:27 PM

He should be on whole milk not 2%, until at least 2 years old. At 12 months old, he can start eating finger foods until he masters that and can eat anything you eat. You'll just have to cut it into small pieces so he can chew on it without choking. He should be eating from all the food groups - but smaller portions. At that age, he should be consuming around 800-1200 calories, depending on his size. And because their tummies are smaller, it's better to feed him breakfast, snack, lunch snack dinner..and depending how long a span between dinner and bedtime, snack after that. Whole milk should be at least 19 oz but no more than 30 (I think). Because my daughter is so finicky on eating, I mix 1 scoop of toddler formula with 6 oz of whole milk. She doesn't like to drink pediasure or any of that so that's how I make sure she is getting more nutrients. I wouldn't give her vitamins without your doctor's prescription because some vitamins like A, are fat soluble and if given too much as a supplement, can OD. He should be able to get enough from his food.
posted by on 08/05/2008 04:50 PM

At 1 year old, we started giving our son raisins, crasisn, diced or mashed avocado (good with cottege cheese), cooked broccoli, cubed cheese, Gerber Puffs, 1/2 water & 1/2 juice bottles (which he didn't get in to), quartered grapes, quesadillas (obviously let it cool down first, but maybe not so good if he's teething), instant oatmeal, star pasta cooked and then add sauce and parmesean, mashed--not pureed veggies, fruit juice popsicles "mashed" up, mixed fruit cups.

Occasionally my son will not eat something that I've prepared. If he fights it, then I put some food on a baby spoon, put the spoon in his hand, and help him put it in his mouth. I also say it while I do it. He loves that part. Tonight he ate cooked carrots, cooked zucchini, garbanzo beans, and cheesy pasta! I was amazed and happy to see him eating such a variety of foods. I also celebrate in a big way when he takes a bite.

I hope this helps. Also, "What to Expect..." has recipes in the back that my also help. Good luck!
posted by Liz on 08/06/2008 12:14 AM

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I'm getting from everyone that a variety is good so I took out some chicken today for dinner. I'll bake some of that for him and just hope for the best. But I was also told that around this time 1 yr old sometimes loose their appetite. Is this true?
posted by Eva on 08/06/2008 09:00 AM

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