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3 yr old in crisis September 16, 2008 Dear Friend,In march of 2007 my then husband to be was notified that he had a DNA test for a little boy.When my husband arrived for the test it was brought to his attention that four other guys had to take the test for the same little boy. After finding out this little boy was his, he assumed responsibility for him. He right away started paying child support for this baby. Chris the father of this little boy begged the mother Beth for any visits he could get. She refused stating although they had a child together she barely knew Chris enough to let him see his son. Beth would call Chris and let him know that the baby was sick on a ongoing basis. Beth agreed to let the baby visit his dad over night.That same night Beth called and demanded that Chris stop paying threw courts and pay her directly,When Chris refused she would make him bring the baby home right away or she would report him missing. Chris complied to her demands. Chris decided to ever have a piece of mind and be able to see his son he would have to get set visitation. When Chris explained to Beth he would be doing so she was furious with him. Beth then moved away after being evicted from her apartment for having guys live with her, non complaint with section 8.She refused to tell Chris where she lived and changed all numbers of contact. After investigating Chris found her living with her sister,Whom has a convictions of prostitution and cocaine possessions. You can find this charges at or Ga.corrections inmate listings.Chris called Beth after finding her address and ask about his son.Beth told Chris he would never see his son again and his sister then called Chris and told him to pay his support and then started to curse him out. Chris then ask with whom he was speaking with she explained she was the aunt of the Chris’s son. After finding out who she was he then told her he was sending out police to make sure there was not any drugs in the home with the baby. She begged Chris not to call police. Beth then call John French to come help get her sister out of the house help her clean the house. After finding her threw her address Chris goes to her apartment to see the baby. She told Chris that the baby had “lots” of bites on his body. She also told Chris that her sister was back in jail and that she lived alone. Beth allowed us to bring him home for a over the night visit. Beth allowed Chris to keep the baby for 9 days. In that 9 days Chris took pictures of the baby’s bites. Also in that 9 days Beth called me at work and explained to me that CPS was “breathing down her neck” and that she had the desire to turn costudy over to her oldest sons dad. I told her that Chris would not go for that if she wanted to sign over the baby it would have to be over to Chris. I explained to her that if that was the case that we would retain an attorney and have papers drown up. She would not tell me why CPS was called on her. Beth agreed and explained to me that she is legally blind and could not drive so there for we would have to pick her up and take her to the attorneys office. So we picked her up and went to the attorneys office. We explained to the paralegal that Beth was legally blind. Then the paralegal read the papers to her giving Chris primary costudy. She sighed them even hugging the paralegal thanking her. We took Beth to work and the baby home with us. On August 28th we planned my sons birthday party. Beth called wanting the baby and Chris told her as soon as the party was over we would then bring him. Beth was furious with Chris for not bringing the baby home right away. Beth called and ask where the party was and Chris told her at Applebee’s in the mall. Shortly after that phone call Beth showed up there. Beth walked up to the table where our entire family’s were and snatched the baby out of his seat telling Chris “ you will never see him again!” Chris followed her out to the car where she put him in without a car seat and Chris refused to let her leave with the baby. Beth fled inside the mall hiding and Chris called the local police. Once the police arrived they looked for her in the mall finally locating her in the bathroom in a stall. Then the police questioned her about this papers she had signed prior to this event. She admitted to signing them but said she was legally blind and did not know what she was signing. The officer told her it was a civil matter to contact her attorney and told her to hand the baby over to his dad. She complied. Reporting officer was Ric Engle, badge number 60825 and complaint number07-083998.The following Monday Chris received a call from Soddy Daisy police department saying he needed to come to the station . Chris went down there they told him he had a petition not an order. Chris had contacted the other parents to find out why she didn’t have custody of her oldest son and the proceeded to tell him that Beth had mental issues. And that she had threatened to drowned her oldest son because god told her to, ( We have the evaluation from the Therapist) also she was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder ,Bipolar type. And that she had been in and out of mental hospitals since a child. Beth was also abused through out her child hood according to this evaluation . Her mother was in a mental hospital for most of Beth’s life. Beth also was known to be around a pedophile. John Kent French the same man Beth called on for help with her sister .(audio recording of Kent talking about this events). Which the same man brought her to Soddy police department to get the baby from his dad. Chris relayed this things to the officer and he informed us to get and order threw the courts. From there we proceeded to our attorney office. On the way down Chris called his attorney to let them know what was happening. Eugenia explained to Chris how expensive this was . Chris explained to her his new finding and the sense of urgency it had become . We arrived at the attorneys office from there to the court has to go in front of judge Ralph Van pelt. Chris explained with his attorney all of the information above an the judge granted and exporte order . Chris used all the funds he had to protect this baby. 3 days later Beth had us in court. We took all the pictures ,the officer from the mall and summed the other parents to court . The other parents did not show up. Beth’s attorney said the only reason we were there was because he was behind on support and he didn’t want to pay. Chris had just used that money for the attorney . He was 500.00 dollars behind. Which he applied it to the exporte order. Judge Van pelt granted custody back to Beth. Telling her that “the state will be watching I’ll be watching and this father will be watching you don’t mess up”. Chris returned the baby to his mother. Chris went to speak with DHR worker Debra Perish taking the pictures of the bites and silky looking marks of the baby with him(pictures took by local police and reports of marks complaint number07-9649 reporting officer T.Mohoney9/14/07). He expressed his concerns about French to her. She told him she couldn’t find “anything “ on him and disregarded the pictures. She also stated that Beth had completed parenting classes. We had set visits so we got the baby every other weekend. Chris would take pictures of this marks on a continual basis. The baby always had this marks on him. Shortly after all these events Gene Haynes the father of Beth’s oldest son contacted Chris to let him know that Beth had arrived at his house unexpected and attacked his wife. Also informed him that they would be pressing charges. Complaint number 071100172 reporting officer Joseph Herbert incident date 11/09/07.Gene indicated to Chris that the reason he was a no show in court was because he was scared of what Beth would do to get back at him for helping us. The baby continued to have marks when visited us. He proceeded to tell Chris more about French. After talking to him Chris called Beth and asked her about French she replies that French “is a dirty old man he was in a porn with under aged girls he likes girls not boys so don’t worry” Chris asked Beth not to let this man around their son. On 12/21/07 Chris picks the baby up for his weekend visit . The baby is lethargic and doesn’t even wake up for the exchange. Chris gets the baby home and he still doesn’t wake up/ Finally after shaking and raising his voice to get him up the baby opens his eyes and tells Chris that he is hungry . Chris feeds him and he acts as if he hadn’t ate for awhile. The baby’s ribs were showing . Chris put the baby into the bath to help wake him and the baby screams and grabs his buttock. When Chris finds a blister on the top of his buttock he ask the baby what it was? The baby replied “hot” Chris say baby what’s hot and the baby told him his “butt” was hot. Chris asked him why his butt was hot and he said “mommy”. Chris gets the baby out of the water gets him dress and the baby ask for a “doctor” or “medicine” The baby laid down and within seconds was back asleep. First thing the next morning Chris proceeds to the local ER. Chris called Beth and asked her what happened she told him that it was eczema dried skin.
Chris told her what the baby said .then she confessed “I was getting ready with some friends to go out and he fell on my curling iron” Chris told her we were going to the doctor Beth was enraged at this point. Beth tells Chris she was calling CPS herself to let them know it was an accident. We took the baby in the ER and after getting back to see the doctor Chris showed the doctor all the pictures he had took and explained what Beth had told us. By looking at the pictures Dr. Wagg pointed out to us the scars with a tint to them telling us this were old burns on his back and the burn on his bottom was 2nd degree and had not been treated till now. Dr. Wagg asked the baby what happened and the baby said ‘hot my butt “ the Dr. ask what happened the baby told him “mommy” the doctor contacted CPS. A CPS worker arrived from Tennessee and detective Mason from Georgia . Mason heard the message from Beth about the curling iron so did the doctor. The doctor pointed out the old burns on the baby’s back. Mason told us to take the baby home and we would be hearing from CPS before we had to take him home. Cindy Robbins called Chris and told him she would be at the exchange to talk to him. Sunday at 5pm Chris took the baby to Georgia to meet Ms.Robbins. Chris got out of his car and got into hers. There she told him accidents happen all the time and would not look at any on the pictures he took with him. She then told him to get back into his car and wait for Beth to arrive. After Beth arrived she got into that car with Ms. Robbins then after a minuet they both got out Ms. Robbins told Chris to hand the child over to his mom. Chris expressed to her that she didn’t even look at the burn or the baby at all. She replied “no need to I have known this child since birth and accidents happen” she also told Chris for him to “have a good Christmas because she would be working on his case”. Chris was devastated in disbelief that she didn’t look at the baby at all even when Doctor Wagg advised that he shouldn’t go back to mom. He had also relayed that to Ms. Robbins she jus replied “it’s a Tennessee doctor.” . Beth had the baby 2 days on the 24th Beth called Chris and told him that the baby had chicken pox and that he would not be coming to the visit for Christmas. Chris told her that everyone that the baby would be around had already had them so it would not be a problem. Chris went to get the baby on the 25th for his week long visit for Christmas. Chris waited for over an hour then placed a call to Beth but she didn’t answerer. I placed a call to 911 with the prior events we were very concerned about the baby and also wanted proof we had shown up. A officer sped up to us and after he heard our complain he got angry and screamed, “ this is a civil matter I just had another one and I am tired of it. Get out of my town and never come back!” We left and went to Fort Oglethorpe police department There Chris expressed his concerns of the matter to Officer Clark, then Officer Clark placed a call to Beth . When she answered she explained that Chris was with him and had court ordered papers saying the baby was supposed to be with him. Beth told Clark she was on the way. Officer Clark placed another call after waiting an hour and Beth said she was waiting on a ride from the babysitter. They waited another hour when he called Beth back she told him that her attorney said not to bring the baby. Then officer Clark called Scroggins and told him of the problem we were having, and Clark set out to find Beth . Clark found her and someone ,unknown to us, introducing her to the officer as her mother ,who is deceased They had been driving up and down the highway the whole time. The police placed her under arrest and brought the baby to Chris. Once we got him Scroggins handed me 2 bottles of RX from Hutcheson ER. He also handed me pamplets for the RX explaining side affects ect. Scroggins ask us to check the baby for further marks, we did so. When we removed both layers of clothing we found red dots all on his left shoulder and no where else on his body. I knew looking at this, it wasn’t chicken pox. I picked up the pamplets to find out what RX he had, and one was for 7.5 liquid Hydrocodone the other was for ACYCLOVIR antibiotic. I never looked at the bottles jus the pamplets I even made a comment about the hydro in such a strong dosage for such a young child. Scroggins said it was possible. We got home after midnight the baby pupils were very dilated and he kept rubbing his nose just really wired up. The baby had a recheck on the 26th . We took him back to the ER ,where all this happened, for the recheck, and also told them of the events that happened during Christmas . Dr. Swallows checked the baby for pox and her findings were pox protrude from inside out and this were protruding outside in . She then placed a call to Scroggins telling him the baby doesn’t need to return back to mom. And the so called pox were indeed insect bite covering a burn. Ms Robbins was also contacted about this matter . The doctor told us to stop all meds. Once we go home Ms.Robbins called and told us to take him to a DHR doctor in Georgia Dr Bowman. She gave me the step mom permission to take him. His finding were the same as Dr.Swallows insect bites. When I returned home I called Ms. Robbins and ask if she had spoke to their doctor she replied that she had talk to him and went into asking me if I would listen to a tape from Atlanta and see if I could tell her who made the complaint against her in shock I listened to the tape of what happened when she didn’t look at the baby when he had the 2nd degree burn on his buttocks. Then she ask if I knew who it was I told her I recognized the voice., and she said she did to. Then she proceeded to ask me if I could ,in some way. mediate this between Chris and Beth I told her I thought it was to late for that. I ask her to look into Beth’s past and mental records Robbins told me, we needed to forgive and forget. I cried to her that Beth need mental help. She told me we would hear from her before we took him back. Ms. Robbins called and told Chris take him back. He complied. We then went to court in front of Judge Van Pelt and there we got joint custody . We had all evidence that I have been referring to. We even had the parents testify that they have supervised visits with Beth and her oldest son .The assault and evaluation Officer Clark also testified. We still ended up with joint, no primary named. Chris gets the baby Friday to Friday as well as Beth. Chris is to be notified if any doctor visit come up. For instants the baby had surgery to have tubes placed in his ears Chris recorded her telling him the doctor said he could not be there because only 2 adults could be there and she had someone taking her and that was the second adult. Beth called the her other sons dad and told him how the baby was doing but denied Chris any information till 2 days later. The latest thing was the baby came for visit and had another burn on him Chris asked the baby how it happened and the baby said “ mommy burned me daddy will you get in the car and get her”(audio recorded)Then he complained about his anal hurting . When he told Chris that “mommy and Kent was in bed naked and my butt started hurting” Chris and I dug for any info on Kent to find out what he was convicted of .We googled Ga. Inmate and put his first and last name in and it came back that he was convicted of child molestation ,kidnapping, aggravated sodomy . And impersonating an officer (I will attach it to this mail). He got out in 1991, so there for he is not registered. When we found this info, so me and my husband decided we needed to find out when this man would be around the baby again. Chris calls Kent and just gets him to talk. He told Chris that he had been arrested for being in a porn with an under aged girl, and the FBI wanted him to talk, he wouldn’t, so they ruined his life. They also talked of a movie that the baby had told his daddy about seeing with Kent and mommy. The baby told us details to were we could figure out it was ,The Happening, and Kent confessed to that as well. Kent went into details of his relationship with Beth. How he wanted more but she would just let him “help her” almost as in a “sugar daddy” fashion. Kent claimed to be like a “uncle” or a “dad’ to them ,her and her sister. We also have Chris asking Beth how the baby got burned she just said “don’t know get off my case” then she claimed “ he might have got hurt at Jason’s house she just don’t know”(audio) I took tapes and convictions to detective Scroggins . He told me that all this evidence was bad because it was a “custody “ issue. I told him our concerns that Kent said on the recording that he would be down Thursday. The same day I took this stuff to Scroggins.I asked if I could go by Beth’s house to make sure Kent wasn’t there.? Scroggins told me I could. When I arrived there Kent was pulling up. Kent blew his horn the baby came out Kent put him in the car then 5 minutes later Beth got in the car. I called Scroggins he instructed me to follow them. I followed them to a behavioral therapist. At that point Scroggins met me there and told me to be on my way but to stay close just in case they removed the baby from the mothers care. 30 minutes later I got the call to come get the baby. The baby was placed in my custody with Chris’s permission via cell phone. Scroggins insures us this will be handled this time and that Beth needs supervised visit and he would turn it over to the DA to get charges placed on them. I brought the baby home and Scroggins had told me to meet with him and DHR the next morning for them to talk with the baby. I had express my concerns to Scroggins about Beth saying she had the state behind her and I had no faith in them they showed up in court in her behalf. And now the baby been molested ,thanks to them. I took the baby to the child advocacy center in Georgia. There Scroggins took the baby upstairs to talk with him in the video room. He brought him back down 20 minutes later to potty.After the baby used the rest room Scroggins and Mr. Sloan from DHR told me they were going to try to buy us another week from mom to see if DA would press charges in the mean time we are to get our attorney ready. Detective Scroggins told me and Chris he is behind us all the way. The weekend passed and NOW it’s a costudy issue according to CPS Sloan and Scroggins and that his suggestion is to place the baby in foster care till we get this solved in court because Beth has called him and told him the marks came from our home. They went from trying to make this right, to nothing. WE CANT GET ANY HELP!!!!! CPS is talking about putting Beth threw safety net then she would get the baby back. What’s next for this baby, to get so hurt no one can help, or him being found dead? The problem is, my husband just started school, I have had surgery on my roatater cuff, I am out work right now, and Chris will be graduating soon …The point is we have paid all bills up so we would not sink and now this happens we have no resources to even hire an attorney right now. We will have in a few weeks I am so afraid that if this baby goes back Beth will know she can get away with treating this baby anyways. Can someone explain to me how a child that young would even know that you could stick fire to a knife to get it hot enough to melt his skin and burn him because that’s how she has done it this time! (recorded the baby telling us this audio) I afraid to find out what‘s next. So please if there is anyone that can help shed light in this dark place please speak up, AND HELP THIS BABY. Please if nothing else close your eyes and send a prayer up to god ! Anything that I have typed I can prove if some one would just listen and understand that this baby loves his mommy and his daddy and until mommy get the help she needs this is just not healthy for this baby. He is a little angel and once you lay eyes on him you fall in love with him. He has begged me and his daddy for help and I have exhausted all avenues. We just don’t know where to turn so please if anyone can help I promise I can give you the proof you need. It’s a shamed when you cant talk to a judge without an attorney if nothing else but just to find out what you can do. The Serenity prayer is the only way I get to sleep at night not knowing what is going to happen to this little angel begging me for help.
Sincerely , Selina Layne(step mom of an angel) These are the numbers i have called alot...If anyone would like to show interest in this baby's story please contact all numbers! I have been told i need a group of people behind me to make officals hear our concerns.... The last incident ............9-5-2008.. I pick the baby up @ five pm on 9.5. he was wearing a long sleeve sweat shirt and shorts. Right away i know she was hiding marks. we had a family dinner planned so i took the baby to the dinner and to see his grandparents. The baby played for awhile till we left and got home, thats when the baby told me " mommy burned me again" I had him in the bath when he told me i got him out and we went straight to our local ER. We arrived at the ER at 9pm the baby opened up to a nurse there and told her what happened and how he got burned. He had the old burn mark on his shoulder reburned and one on each leg in the back where you bend it in the crease and one on each arm in the crease where you bend your arm. The baby ask the nurse " will you call my mommy and tell her not to burn me anymore" , the nurse teared up and went to call CPS at this point we had waited awhile to get back into a room so it was 2 am. CPS worker Dect. Mason arrives and takes picures he ask me what happened i told him to just talk to the baby and he could tell him , he refused. Mason told me i would hear from someone from CPS .Thurs. rolls around still no word so my husband called Jonathan Sloan the investagater on the case for CPS, my husband expressed how the "safety net " he had for the baby failed and now she is burnung him more because she knows she can get away with it. CPS made us return the baby the next day on Friday for Beths sceduled visit. We get the baby again Friday we are holding our breath praying we can stop her. I have been talking to many attorneys to find the one that will help us out of the state of GA. but has licenses there. Thank you for your prayers. Selina Layne, step mom of an angel These are the numbers i have called alot...If anyone would like to show interest in this baby's story please contact all numbers! I have been told i need a group of people behind me to make officals hear our concerns....404-651-6318....800-532-3208-Case worker jonathan sloan walker county......
This is the man Beth and the baby was found with! (HE is NOT registered)


GDC ID: 0000394471
Sorry, this offender's photo is not available





CASE NO: 106773
CASE NO: 106773
CASE NO: 106773
CASE NO: 106773
CASE NO: 106773


06/13/1990 10/22/1991
04/11/1984 04/28/1989
07/28/1977 04/01/1983
Posted by selina on 09/19/2008 12:55 PM

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