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What is Jericho Barrons? (Fever series)
I thought maybe it would be for the best if this ended up as its own thread since it could end up as a lengthy discussion, especially as pieces are added when the last two books in the series are released.

So far I'm thinking perhaps he is a diety of some sort or the Unseelie King himself.

What do others reading the series think?
Posted by Indigo Ottyr on 11/20/2008 02:46 AM

I think he is half human and half diety.And OMG if he was responsible for her death then I dont think that him and her will be able to have a future at all.Ive read the 3rd book.It went too fast and I want no 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lexi on 11/20/2008 11:03 AM

Yeah, they definitely won't end up together if that is the case. I think it could go either way though. I haven't read the third book yet, so maybe there is more clues in there.
posted by Indigo Ottyr on 11/20/2008 11:05 AM

I'm most of the way through Faefever and have some more thoughts on this that I thought I would get out and then I'm going to go finish reading it.

Barrons can't possibly be the Unseelie King, since the King wanted to be rid of the book and that is why it was created in the first place. If he was the King, he wouldn't be trying to get it back as V'Lane claims he is, to possess its power. Plus, when it came down to it, he couldn't touch the book when he had a chance, which he could have if he was the King and V'Lane told Mac that the king and queen are the only ones that can touch all the Hallows (pg. 241). And he obviously isn't a lower Unseelie, since he could touch the spear.

I think perhaps Barrons somehow feeds off emotions to some extent, no matter what he is. I'm thinking that because of his comment to Mac about her showing naked pain when she was thinking about her sister and how she should never show it to him again because he would do what it was in his nature to do (pg. 243). I thought that was a rather ominous statement.

I think whatever he is, it is outside of the Irish mythological pantheon. Isn't he supposed to be Moor and Pict, or something like that? Maybe the answer lies within their myths and legends, but I don't know anything about them so I don't know what that would be.

OR.....I think this is really it.....He's Fomorian. Mac made passing mention of Fomorians in her research and I think it might make sense. Fomorians were an Irish mythological semi-divine race that preceded the Fae. According to some accounts, Fomorians were quite a beautiful people so it might fit there too.
posted by Indigo Ottyr on 12/18/2008 12:32 AM

Gawd I have forgotten all that.You could be right.But the book at 1 time had been just a book and then it got so powerful it became an evil entity.Alive.I dont remember that statement om pg 243.Was that after she was w v-Lane?That was the second book tho wasnt it?I read the last book so fast ;cause I wanted to know what happened.I have forgotten alot of it.Has she gotten kidnapped yet?by the vamp?
posted by Lexi on 12/18/2008 12:17 PM

That was the third book. I had it right in front of me when I wrote that. She had just gotten back from being with V'Lane and found the roses from LM.

I finished reading the third book now, so I know everything you know :-)
posted by Indigo Ottyr on 12/18/2008 09:27 PM

Oh good now we can talk about it.I didnt wanna give anything away.
posted by Lexi on 12/19/2008 12:54 PM

My fav book w the dark hunter series so far is the one about zarek.I am on no 7 now.
posted by Lexi on 12/19/2008 03:35 PM

Well I for one do not know what to think about him.I cannot believe he sent those ghost things after all the ppl at that get together.He knew shed be there (good thing she wasnt)but still.Now shes really up the creek w those fairys coming in there and grabbing her.Jericho is stuck like in Iowa or some place isnt he?I forgot the place he went w those ppl.I cannot wait til they come out w the new book.I wonder if VLane is gonna come to her rescue or not.I doubt Jericho is going to be able to get past all those things to get her.I wonder if shes going to eat more of those things since she has crossed over doing that.I dont membewr what happened to that 2nd cop she was feeding that too?Did he die in the book or has she been in contact w him recently.By the time the 4th book gets here ImA gonna have to get em all over again.
posted by Lexi on 12/23/2008 02:43 PM

I think he's Scotland, but he could be on his way back, since he just had to be there the night before. The cop guy is probably still floating around, unless he got killed by the mobs on Samhain. V'Lane might be able to save her, but she can't call him since his name died on her tongue when she tried using it for a rescue the night before as well. He could find her by chance though. Or maybe she's on her own, which considering the fact that those Unseelie princes seemed to have sexed her brains out so she'd do anything for LM, wouldn't be such a good thing.
posted by Indigo Ottyr on 12/23/2008 02:47 PM

OMG I know.I wonder how vlane and jericho are gonna think of her knowing that shes been used and abused by their enemies.I dont think that the guy that she thinks killed her sis did it.I think he really loved her.I thot the vamp killed her sis or might have watched.Cause member 1 of those unseeli made 1000s of marks on a person.
posted by Lexi on 12/23/2008 07:44 PM

Oooooh I just thought about sumthin.The old woman mentioned sumthin about their mom.I wonder if the moms still alive?
posted by Lexi on 12/24/2008 02:06 PM

Good thinking! She could be out there somewhere!
posted by Indigo Ottyr on 12/24/2008 06:03 PM

Okay, I definitely don't think he's the Unseelie king now.  I think he could be IYD but I don't know.  Wasn't there one point when she was with Barrons in the garage and they could hear the beast down below or am I remembering that wrong?  Even so, with the Hall of All Days messing with time like it does, I guess that wouldn't necessarily mean anything.  And if Barrons is IYD, that doesn't totally answer what he is since then the question arises, what is IYD?

posted by Indigo Ottyr on 09/24/2009 02:34 AM

I dont think Barrons is the IYD guy... They go into it more in teh 4th book and she is with him when she hears it...

posted by anya on 10/07/2009 09:24 AM

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