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Parents of Spirited Kids
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2 year old tornado
My 2 year old is the most active GIRL her age I've ever known. She climbs on everything. She is constantly in motion. She grabs whatever she lays eyes on (even if she has to climb to get it) runs away, and drops it randomly whenever she feels like it. We call her our little tornado because we're always finding objects in weird places. She hates to sit still even to eat. I've got about 5 minutes to capture her attention with the food, and if I don't succeed she's off to the races. Sometimes she tries to eat and run with food in her hand, but I discourage this as much as possible. Her preferred mode of transportation is on tiptoe at high speed. Not kidding. Second to that is jumping. She is getting harder and harder to get to take naps. She is very independant and tries to go her own way wherever we are. I have to use a harness and leash. (They sell some very nice ones that look like animals where the tail is the leash at Target) If I try to get her to go somewhere she doesn't want to go she falls to the ground dead weight and throws a tantrum. She's getting too heavy for me to carry everywhere. She wriggles out of everything exept 5 point restraints. Now don't get me wrong, she is so adorable while she's doing these things that you can't be mad at her for long. I'm just so frustrated. Her older sister was nowhere near this active. I tried to take her to a dance class (she loves to dance at home) but she wouldn't follow directions. I think she's too young for that. I'm left with taking her to the playground when the weather is nice but what do I do when it isn't? Or what if I have to get something done?
Posted by Kelly on 01/12/2009 04:18 PM

Well, first, I would recommend that you read Kurcinka's book, "Raising your Spirited Child". It will help you realize that you are not alone, and it has lots of great information to help you understand your child, and practical solutions for everyday situations. Another book packed with practical solutions is "The No-cry Discipline Solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. You may find some ideas that will help you "tame" your spirited little girl. I have also heard wonderful things about Dr. William Sears "The Discipline Book" but I have not read it myself.

Second, let yourself feel frustrated. It is a frustrating thing, and must be exhausting for you. Keep trying and keep connecting with other moms who support you, whether they be in person, over the Internet, or authors of books (again I am thinking of Pantley and Kurcinka).

Finally, keep a close eye on your little one's development. She may just be an on-the-go kind of kid, but in rare cases behaviour like this may be the beginning of noticing a developmental difference, like an autism spectrum disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She is probably fine, but you always want to watch development just in case. If there is something a little bit off, early intervention makes a profound difference.

Keep us posted, and feel free to send me a message if you want to talk further. Good luck!

posted by Lisa on 01/21/2009 01:30 PM

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