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Stressed Out Moms
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HELP with grandma
OK Ive held it in and let it go long enough, someone please tell me what to do with my sons grandma who for someone reason has knew more about my son and what is better for him since the day I gave birth to him. (not really) I can never let my sons grandma keep him even tho she is always beggin me to let her. But the thing is I have tried many times to let her, but she always does something to make me regret leaving him with her.

My son is 9 months old, and I have not yet started him on table food, I also have him on nursery water (dr say so) but for some reason when I leave my son with her she feels the need that he needs to eat table food which she has packed full of salt and any other spice she has felt the need to throw in. Also letting him drink tap water from a sippy cup that has only been rinsed with cold water after my nephew (who is always sick) has drunk chocolate milk from.

I also dont believe in giving un needed medicine to my son, and she believe kids have to have tylenol to live. I have herd she use to give her kids meds to make them sleep, which I totally do not agree with. I know she loves my son, but how do I get her to change her ways. I have told her many time the things she is doing I do not want her to do.

Should I just stop letting my son stay with her?
Posted by lil_momma on 01/21/2009 05:16 AM


when i first had my son i had a similar problem with my mother in law and i sat down with her and basically said- " look i know you love kole and i know you have good intentions with everything that you do but i dont agree with everything that you are doing when im not around. it doesnt mean your wrong or that im wrong we just have differnt ways of thinking but he is MY son and even though i want him to be able to spend time with you and i love having you there to help out with him i dont feel like i will be able to leave him with you unless you listen to what i want for him and follow my instructions." she was upset at firsrt but we talked and i told her some of the things that i disagreed with and i told her why and explained that i had talked with koles doctor about everything iw as doign with him and that his doctor has confirmed that nothing im doing is harming him in any way. i told her by all means if you feel like something im doing might be harming him then talk to me about it (maybe i didnt even realize it) but to go against what i want for my child is not right. it is YOUR son and as long as you arent doing anything to harm him (which from what u posted it doesnt sound like you are) then shes going to have to back off or you wont let him stay with her. idk if this will help at all but i know that im glad i had that talk with my mother in law and after we talked she did a total 180. she still didnt agree with everything i did and i still had to listen to her complain about my ways at times but she realized that if she wanted to see her grandson she would have to do things my way and so she did.....

posted by MORGAN on 05/16/2010 12:47 AM

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