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Featured Recipes

Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas
These are SO creamy and flavorful- you'll love them! This recipe is always a favorite among our family. The leftovers are even better, so I actually double the recipe and eat it for a couple of days. It can be relatively low fat if you use the low f...
The meringues
Very easy to make...
Last-minute lasagna
Using cheese ravioli allows you to skip the time-consuming process of boiling the lasagna noodles and mixing the cheese filling. Simply layer, bake, and serve. ...
Banana Milk-Shake
A very simple recipe to prepare this drink frothy, with banana, milk, vanilla sugar and vanilla ice cream. This refreshing cocktail is perfect for snack....
Leek Soup
The earth and sand tend to seep between the many leaves of the leek. For cleaning, make an incision on the half of its length after removing the sheets from above. Then pass under cold water, taking care to remove the leaves....
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